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To the Central Committee of the Paraguayan Communist Party



                                            Dear Comrades! 

Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation warmly greets the Paraguayan Communist Party, all its members, allies and supporters with its 90th Anniversary.  

Your Party, being one of the oldest in the region, has always been at the forefront of the struggle for socialism, uniting various segments of the nation.

For many decades since its creation, the Party was in an illegal position and was subjected to severe persecution by the government and reactionary forces, but even in the underground did not stop fighting for the political and social interests of the working people, for our common ideals, for socialism.

Your Party is always actively involved in international life. Delegations of the Paraguayan Communist Party are participating in the international meetings of Communist and worker’s parties, contributing to the development of forms of communication and cooperation between fraternal parties. 

 We wish the Paraguayan Communist Party success in strengthening Party ranks, enhancing its authority in society and further intensifying the struggle for workers ‘ rights and social justice.

With fraternal greetings,                                                                   


                                                         Presidium of the CPRF CC

Letter of support and solidarity


Comrade Gennady Zyuganov

First Secretary

Communist Party of the Russian Federation  

23 January 2018 


Dear Comrade Zyuganov, 


The Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Britain sends its best wishes to the Communist Party of the Russia Federation for the success of Comrade Grudinin in the forthcoming presidential elections.

His programme of restoring public ownership in key areas of the economy, ensuring the provision of social welfare, tackling poverty and rooting out corruption is one that resonates with working people across the world. 

We wish the CPRF every success is raising the flag of socialism for the peoples of the Russian Federation.


With our warm comradely greetings


General Secretary



Dear Comrades!

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation expresses its warm greetings to the 21 Congress of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka, its members, allies, and supporters.
Your congress takes place in uneasy atmosphere, when international situation in the world has been aggravating, and the hardest economic crisis covering all countries of the world. But despite of such a complicated situation in your country the communists of Sri Lanka keep on fighting for our common ideals, for socialism.
The Party Congress will have to review the execution of the Party’s activity and assess the results of years of struggle for the rights and benefits of working people as well as party’s contribution to this fight.
Today, more than ever before communists of the world have to unite their efforts against imperialism and anticommunism as well as their fight for Marxism – Leninism. The CPRF is always in support of your struggle and expresses its solidarity with it.
We wish the 21 Congress of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka a successful work and we are confident that the Congress decisions will promote strengthening of Party ranks and increase its authority in the country.

Fraternal greetings,
CPRF Central Committee

To the delegates of the 37th Congress of the Communist party of Sweden

Dear comrades!

The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Russian Federation warmly greets the delegates to the 37th Congresses of the Communist party of Sweden, all members of the party, its allies and supporters.
Your congress takes place in uneasy atmosphere, when international situation in the world has been aggravating, and the hardest economic crisis covering all countries of the world.
Pursuing a policy of austerity neoliberal governments transfer the consequences of economic crisis to the shoulders of the working people, keep on actively offending their rights.
This hard time you have not only to sum up your activity for past years, but also to take the decisions strengthening party positions and uniting the working class under its banners.
We highly appreciate the contribution of your party to strengthening international co-operation of communist and workers’ parties.
We congratulate the Communist party of Sweden with the centennial and express confidence that in the future as well your party will consistently advocate establishment of genuine democracy, improvement of workers’ rights, our common ideals and socialism.

We wish the 37th Congresses of the Communist party of Sweden a successful work!

CPRF CC Presidium


                                      Dear comrades!

The CPRF Central Committee warmly welcomes the delegates to the 27th Congress of the Japanese Communist Party, all its members, allies and supporters.

Your congress is a very important event in the history of the Party, it is the stage for evaluation of results and determination of further strategy and tactics of fight for the rights and interests of the working people.   

We are sincerely  happy about the achievements of your Party during the last elections which demonstrated support of many voters for the policy pursued by it as well as its pre-election programme.  

The CPRF highly appreciates the progressive foreign policy of the Japanese Communist Party aimed at the complete prohibition of nuclear arms and establishment of the fair world order based on the principles of the UN.

We express our solidarity with your fight for peace and rights of the working people, for our general ideals, for socialism.

Dear comrades,

We wish the 27th Congress of  the Japanese Communist Party  a successful work. We are sure that Congress decisions will support the strengthening of Party ranks and its authority in the world,  allow to intensify your fight for the rights of working class, for social justice.



                                                                  CPRF CC Presidium 

Statement of the Presidium of the CC CPRF

Russian Communists Share the Grief of the Cuban People 

Sorrowful news has reached us. The Hero of the Cuban People, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, is no more. The great patriot of Cuba, one of the most outstanding political leaders of the second half of the 20th and early 21st centuries, died at the age of 90.

Fidel Castro is the legendary leader of the Cuban Revolution. The name of Fidel Castro is associated with truly grandiose events that shook the world in the mid-20th century. We remember the Moncada barracks, the SierraMaestroMountains and the Bay of Pigs. He was not yet 30 when he became the leader of his people fighting for their liberation. Under his leadership the Cuban patriots accomplished what seemed to be unthinkable. They did not only topple the hated dictator Batista who had turned his country into a US colony, but challenged Washington’s policy. For the first time on the American continent, within 90 miles of the coast of the main citadel of imperialism, there appeared a state that took the course for socialism.

Yes, the Cuban Revolution, the rebellious people had a great leader. Castro went down in history as a man who made an epoch, a true popular leader. His ideological staunchness, unbending will, fearlessness and absolute honesty attracted people’s hearts. His energy infected anyone who was by his side. Being the head of state, he never lost strong bonds with the people, breathing the same air with them and feeling with them. These qualities could not but earn him respect. Even his enemies recognized it.

Having raised the banner of Lenin and the Great October Revolution, Fidel remained loyal to the revolution throughout his life. It is deeply symbolic that the second part of Fidel Castro’s name, Ruz, which he inherited from his mother, is consonant with the word “Russia.” Inspired by the ideas of the October 1917 Revolution and the achievements of the Soviet State, Fidel became the leader of the main Revolution of the second half of the 20th century, a successor to the cause of Lenin, an heir to the Russian revolutionaries on the American continent.

The tiny Island of Freedom riveted the attention of the whole progressive mankind. The Cuban people set a priceless example showing that American imperialism is not all-powerful, that the fearlessness and dedication of communists could defeat it. Those great events have long become a legend.

Having taken on board the ideas of socialism, Cuba marched confidently forward. The FreedomIsland gave the world a brilliant example of building a just society that guaranteed free quality education and healthcare, a high level of science and culture. Not possessing  any significant mineral riches and caught in the vice of the American blockade, Cuba created a society in which there were no paupers or hungry people and every schoolchild had an opportunity to develop his/her talents. The achievements of the Cuban people became the dream of common people in many countries which seemed to possess greater economic potential.

The example of Cuba inspired national liberation struggles of many peoples of Asia, America and Africa. Fidel Castro and his fellow-revolutionaries came to their rescue. Cuba quickly became a moral super-power. It became a leader of the Non-Aligned Movement which included dozens of states. Cuba hosted major international fora. It became a great sporting nation which did very well at Olympic Games.

The country’s leader was more and more often referred to in the world as Fidel. His name became a symbol of revolutionary dedication, ideological and moral staunchness.

It became a symbol of valiant struggle against the world order which the advocates of capitalist globalization had been seeking to impose on the Planet for decades. During the 60 years since the Cuban Revolution they made countless attempts to “bury” Fidel. His life hung in the balance more than once. He survived many assassination attempts. But he continued to lead his people to the victory of the human spirit, Truth and Justice. He was bitterly hated by the American globalists and enjoyed boundless love of millions of people the world over. He was seen as a symbol of victorious battle for social justice and hope for getting rid of poverty and disfranchisement.

After the destruction of the USSR and the world socialist system Castro’s adversaries were sure that socialism in Cuba would not last. They hoped that the country which, owing to the exploits of Fidel and his followers, was known as the Island of Freedom, was doomed to become a mediocre puppet state controlled by transnational capital. But the Island of Freedom stood its ground. It confirmed at the most difficult of times that it deserved its proud name.

Cuba did not cave in to the pressure of severe economic sanctions and ceaseless political provocations of its enemies. It staunchly upheld the socialist gains even in the midst of an ocean of anti-communist lies and betrayal. In the direst of conditions it managed to preserve genuine sovereignty and safeguard the first socialist state in the Western Hemisphere, which was the second most heroic deed accomplished by Fidel Castro and his supporters since the 1956 Cuban Revolution.

Castro was not only an outstanding statesman, but a great thinker. Proceeding from Marxism-Leninism, he was able, amid the chaos of events, to identify key trends, quickly size up the situation and take the right decisions.

Fidel had extraordinary personal charm and at the same time exceptional modesty. All his aspirations were aimed at making happy the life of ordinary Cubans who put their trust in him. He lived up to their hopes.

The Soviet Union always stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Cuba in the struggle against imperialism. Fidel Castro was a great friend of the Soviet people, a loyal and courageous ally of our country. For those who lived in the USSR and those who today value justice and independence he will forever remain a close and loved person. Today, the example of the Cuban Communists is particularly important for Russia which has experienced a capitalist comeback. Fidel’s steadfastness and adherence to principle inspire us today as we carry on his cause.

Comrade Castro has left us. Russian Communists grieve together with the Cuban people. But Fidel Castro has left behind a powerful Communist Party tested in battle and in peaceful endeavor. He left behind the Cuban people which is inspired by the brightest of ideals. He has left behind a memory in the minds and hearts of hundreds of millions of people the world over.

The Central Committee of the CPRF expresses its condolences to the people of free Cuba, to the relatives and close ones of the Comandante.

We hope that the Island of Freedom, even after his departure, will stand its ground, will remain loyal to the socialist principles and will adhere to Fidel’s heroic cause.  In the cohort of great champions of the cause of socialism the name of Fidel Castro Ruz will forever stand side by side with the names of humanity’s greatest revolutionaries.

The sun of freedom will shine over Cuba.

Gennady Zyuganov

Chairman of the CC CPRF