VII (October) Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPRF:

“The work of people’s leaders among the masses and the tasks of implementing the Victory Program”.

    The VII Plenum of the CC of the CPRF opened in October 21, 2023 with participation of CC members and CC candidate members, CCRC members, heads of people’s enterprises and public associations, UCP-CPSU representatives and regional party activists participating therein.

    The delegates and participants of the Plenum honored the memory of our recently deceased comrades Ivan Nikitchuk, Chairman of the Central Council of  “Russian Scientists Of Socialist Orientation” (“RSSO”), Oleg Khorzhan, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Party of Communists of Transnistria and communists and Komsomol members, killed in  struggle against neo-fascism.

        New Party members received their membership cards from the Party Leader in the solemn ceremony.

     Later, in his opening speech G. Zyuganov, Chairman of the CC CPRF, highlighted the vital issues of domestic agenda and implementation of the Party “Victory Program”.

      CPRF leaders, member of the Presidium of the CPRF CC, namely Governor of the Oryol region A. Klychkov and the first secretary of the Khakass Republican Committee of the CPRF, Head of the Republic of Khakassia, V. Konovalov made reports on the successful implementation of the Party’s program tasks in their regions.

       Other communist leaders: P. Grudinin (Director of  Lenin state farm),          A. Lokot (the mayor of Novosibirsk), CPRF Parliamentarians Y. Afonin,            D. Novikov, N.Kolomeytsev, S. Kazankov and other comrades contributed to the major tasks discussed.

     With his closing speech G. Zyuganov reaffirmed the Party’s firm position regarding the incessant fight against neo-fascism, imperialism and bourgeous reaction. The CPRF political assessments and proposals gained unanimous support at the International Anti-Fascist Forum held in Minsk in April, 2023.

      Domestically, ensuring the change in balance of social forces in favor of socialism remains one of the Party’s major missions. The 30 year experience and successful implementation of soviet practices in the “communist” regions and people’s enterprises, demonstrating steady growth, urges change of the social and economic policy of the Government.

     Being the major opposition to the current bourgeois rule, as proved by millions of votes given in support of the Party, CPRF will continue to popularize the ideas of socialism in all regions across the country, showing by example the advantages of the socialist system.

CPRF CC International Department