The Communist Party of the Russian Federation calls for immediate termination of  violence in the Middle East!

    The war that began on October 7, 2023 between Israel and the radical Palestinian Hamas group was highly predictable and roots back in history to the British rule, when Jews were massively resettled to the land of Palestine. Permanently rising conflicts edged solution that was eventually enshrined in the UN Resolution, proclaiming creation of two independent states on the territory.

    Yet Israel, supported by the American and British imperialism, for decades has been rejecting the UN resolution demanding  recognition the right of Palestine for independence, thus depriving the Palestinian people of the right to develop and freely dispose of their own land.

    Obviously, the best solution has been never implemented and we all witness serious and irrevocable consequences the region now facing.

    The CPRF calls all hostile parties to immediate ceasefire, return to negotiation process and strictly adhere to the UN Security Council resolution: “Two nations – two states” being the only solution to the conflict!

    The CPRF stands against all manifestations of violence and any attacks on civilians. We condemn military escalation of the conflict provoked by the right-wing forces in Israel, which resulted in tremendous casualties among  citizens from both sides and danger of huge regional conflict.

   We send our condolences to the families of civilian victims of the conflict both Arabs and Jews and hope for the triumph of justice and common sense in the soonest settlement of the conflict for the sake of new generations and  global peace.

CPRF Central Committee .