International anti-war conference

Delegates from 40 international leftist and anti-fascist organizations from about 30 countries met in Rome in October 27 – 28, 2023 to discuss new threats facing humanity in the 21st century.

Representatives of Russia, USA, China, Morocco, South Korea, Italy and a number of other European states gathered in the capital of Italy to convey their concern over the world events to mankind, as well as to identify the causes of the global increase in international tension and war in Ukraine, the Israeli aggression against Palestine, and objectives of the movement for a just and lasting peace.

The main messages of the forum were to stop the aggressive policy of the US and NATO against the dissenting countries and to prevent the Third World War.

As the representative of the Italian movement named «Front of Dissent» Gaia Fusai said that the people in charge of the event set forth the task of creating an international coordination network to achieve specific goals, focusing initially on the crisis in Donbas, destruction and abuse of local population, which resulted in Special Military Operation launched by the Russian Federation.

But the Palestinian issue has been added as well.

Generally speaking, the anti-war conference became an act of protest against the new system of neocolonialism being built by the collective West, which turns «the majority of countries into vassals» disguised in so-called «pseudo-progressive mask of «global democracy». The forum participants were unanimous that the US is fueling conflicts on the planet to establish a new world colonial system, making the real threat of World War III.

At the same time, the Forum participants consider the creation of a large international union in the name of peace and brotherhood of peoples, «which would mobilize numerous people fighting against militarism and imperialism in all their manifestations».

Dmitry Novikov, Deputy Chairman of the Communist Party Central Committee, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs, addressed the participants of the Rome conference on behalf of the Russian Communists. Wishing the participants success in the struggle against imperialism and neo-fascism, he drew their attention to the fact that the current international situation is due to the exacerbation of the general crisis of capitalism, the exit from which the leaders of the imperialist states see in fueling wars and reviving fascism.

He drew special attention to the extreme danger of the war in Ukraine for the mankind, in which dozens of states are already involved.

By forcing European countries to supply the Kiev regime with weapons and military equipment, imposing sanctions and purposefully severing economic ties, Washington deliberately weakens not only Russia, but China and a number of European countries as well. The goal is quite obvious – the economic destruction of competitors and their complete submission to their interests, that is, in fact their virtual colonization.

All progressive forces of the world today must unite their efforts in the struggle against fascism, neo-Nazism and neocolonialism, the threat of war and all other manifestations of imperialism, but the left-wing movement bears a special responsibility for the consistent struggle against them, because it is part of the communist struggle for socialism, and the only way to eliminate the threat of the World War and defeat fascism is to end capitalism. The CPRF fully stands for this strategy.

The Forum participants declared:

– The aggressive policy of the US and the collective West is the main cause of the war in Ukraine and like in Palestine, pushes humanity to the brink of the Third World War.

– To preserve a unipolar world order, the West needs imperialist domination. His goal is to transform the vast majority of the world’s countries into vassal states, leading to a neo-colonial international system.

– Imperialist elite uses pseudo-progressive ideological mask of «democratic globalization», protection of human and citizen’s rights as a pretext for its domination. It uses the international institutions of the EU, the World Bank, the IMF, and the WEF to implement its policy of economic domination, as well as using the NATO bloc for aggression and military domination.

The Forum participants required:

An immediate stop of  arms supply to Ukraine; end sanctions against Russia; annul the resolution recognizing Russia as a terrorist state; stop the Russophobic campaign; end the arms race and dissolve NATO.

Determined the tasks:

We have much to do in the field of information and education as there is almost a total censorship in NATO-EU countries and other US-dominated countries.

We must inform the population of these countries that the war of the US and the collective West in Ukraine is an unfair war.

We must stop shipping weapons, ammunition, equipment and personnel to the battlefield, BUT,

Our primary mission should be in liberation of our countries from NATO membership, from US control and from US military bases. This will be the pinnacle of our solidarity with the resisting peoples of the world.

Decision taken

To establish a permanently operated network for coordination of the above mentioned tasks under the name «Stop Third World War – International Peace Initiative».

To organize international actions and actions of solidarity with Russia, Donbass and Palestine.

To organize the 2nd International Anti-War Conference before the end of 2024.

In conclusion, the conference participants noted the main thing that unites them – opposition to imperialism in the name of a multipolar world based on respect for all peoples and nationalities.

CPRF CC International Department