106 Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

On November 7, 1917, the historic shot of Aurora cruiser marked the beginning of a new epoch, which many generations of workers in Russia and worldwide had been dreaming about and which they had been fighting for.

The world first socialist revolution became the starting point of new history, drastically changed the vector of human development towards the creation of a more progressive social system.

On this day, communists round the world traditionally hold solemn events to commemorate the great date and on November 7, 2023 the CPRF together with numerous representatives of left-wing organizations celebrated the Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in many regions of Russia.

 A delegation of the Italian Communist Party, led by the General Secretary of the Party, Mauro Alborezi, arrived in Moscow to participate in the celebrations.

During the festivities, the CPRF stance has been stressed once again as aimed at eliminating the threat of global war and defeating fascism which means to defeat capitalism, and only the working class together with the people of labor and the left-wing patriotic forces were in position to do this.

It was highlighted that communists and their allies must lead them. The anti-war and anti-fascist struggle should become part of the struggle for socialism in all countries.

This position of the CPRF was fully supported by Italian communists and numerous participants of the celebrations.

CPRF CC International Department