Renate Koppe in Donbas

From September 6 to 11, Renate Koppe, International Secretary of the Central Committee of the German Communist Party (GCP), was in Donetsk on a working visit.

During her trip, Renate got acquainted with the course of the election campaign and met with the leadership of the local republican association of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF). She also noted the high level of organization of elections to the People’s Council and municipal councils of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

On September 8, on the 80th anniversary of the Liberation of Donbass from the Nazi-German invaders, the shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not cease even for a day –  two civilians were killed and 8 more were injured. In total, 23 residential buildings and 8 civil infrastructure facilities were damaged. It once again proves the criminal essence of Zelensky’s terrorist regime.

However, despite frequent attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the situation around the voting points was very lively – voter turnout ranged from 61.7% in the Kherson region up to 75% in the DPR. Such a significant percentage of voters indicates an informed choice of millions of residents of the new territories to join the Russian Federation.

The international secretary of GCP stated that GCP initially supported the CPRF initiative to recognize the LPR and DPR and expressed confidence in the continuation of solidarity actions. “I am impressed by the willingness to struggle of the Donbass people, including comrades from the CPRF.

German Communist Party will always promote solidarity activities with the people of Donbas,” she said.

CPRF CC International Department