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The West is trigging yet another catastrophe in the Middle East


The provocation of the mercenaries of the West involving chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus is being rapidly turned into a pretext for a military intervention against Syria. To refresh the memory it should be noted that the information or rather disinformation that the governmental army allegedly carried out a gas attack with hundreds of people dead, was spread by the Syrian opposition on August 21 and was immediately picked up by world mass media. Continue reading

Statement in solidarity with the people of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine

i3heThe representatives of the 17 parties gathered in Brussels in the framework of the working group of the “International Meetings of Communist and Workers’ Parties” (IMCWP) express their deep concern about the escalation of imperialist aggression in the Eastern Mediterranean region. This results in bellicose statements supported by a broad deployment of naval forces, especially from the US. Continue reading

Syria on the brink of the U.S. intervention

NATO_AirStrikes_WarCrimeStatement by G. Zyuganov, CC CPRF Chairman

The U.S. Congress has approved arms supply to rebel groups fighting against the legitimate Syrian government. Shipments are bound to start early August. Simultaneously Washington has revealed its military action plan against Damascus, including, i.a. training and equipping rebels outside Syrian borders, U.S. Air Force attacks on Syrian Army and Naval bases, establishment of no-fly and buffer zones, securing chemical weapons. Continue reading