The West is trigging yet another catastrophe in the Middle East


The provocation of the mercenaries of the West involving chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus is being rapidly turned into a pretext for a military intervention against Syria. To refresh the memory it should be noted that the information or rather disinformation that the governmental army allegedly carried out a gas attack with hundreds of people dead, was spread by the Syrian opposition on August 21 and was immediately picked up by world mass media.

Not having waited for the results of the international investigation of these allegations Washington burning with indignation has jumped to stating its readiness to launch a military operation against Syria. The invasion plan has already been written. The only thing needed is the order of president Obama, as Chuck Heigl, Head of the Pentagon has put it. There are other voices from some NATO capitals – Paris, London and Ankara in particular expressing their readiness to participate in the intervention even without the UN Security Council mandate.

The USA and their allies ignore completely the fact indicating that the aim of the “gas attack” is to invent a pretext for an aggression. Western hawks apparently consider the whole world to be idiots who can believe that the government of Syria is able to use chemical weapons in its own capital against its own people at the deployment site of the military units, let alone the timing – the presence in Damascus of the International Investigation Commission. This provocation is so transparent that even unscrupulous western mass media must be confused when publishing such an evident lie.

The idea behind this plainly concocted accusation is pretty clear. Attempts to topple President Bashar Assad by the hands of terrorists from all over world for more than two years have failed so far. Governmental forces vigorously smash the mercenaries. The West doesn’t have any alternative as to try hard to find a pretext for an aggression against Syria.

Cynically discarded is the fact that the militants possess chemical weapons, including jerry cans with chemicals for poison gas synthesis with identifications “Made in Saudi Arabia” and “Made in USA”, as well as the fact that Damascus is ready to support investigation into the circumstances of the attack in Ghouta.

Western leaders claim that that there are unchallengeable proves of alleged chemical weapons application by the Syrian army. Let us bring to recollection that in 2003 it was the same confidence that was voiced by the US President and the British Prime minister who claimed that Saddam Hussein obtained weapons of mass destruction and was ready to use it. May be those in Washington and London forgot the disgrace for the politicians and secret services that resulted from the search for non-existent weapons in the occupied Iraq?

The people of the USA didn’t. Taxpayers are not burning with desire to finance yet another adventure of the White House which is sure to end up in colossal expenditure and losses among American soldiers. But President Obama is under huge pressure on the part of neoconservatives, and it is them who actually keep the US foreign policy under control.

They continue the line to violate the system of the international security created as a result of the defeat of fascism. The target is to replace the UN Security Council by NATO – an aggressive military block.

If this is allowed to happen, not a single country in the world will be able to feel secure, with the pretexts to unleash an aggression being forged now out of practically nothing.

Intervention may follow the Libyan scenario:  introduction of a “no-fly zone” which actually means missile bombings of Syrian strategic targets. Look at the recent colonial wars unleashed by the USA and its allies: high precision weapons can eliminate thousands of peaceful citizens and even foreign embassies. But so-called Western “humanists” and advocates of  “democracy”, who shed crocodile tears over human rights, call with cynicism the victims of airstrikes in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya the “incidental damages”.

Such holier-than-thou attitude on the part of the West is no wonder, since their real aim is in no way stability but controlled chaos in the Middle East. The outcome of the US direct interference into the internal affairs of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt demonstrate that instead of democratization the policy of the West results in usurping the power by extremist fundamentalist forces.

The CPRF has repeatedly insisted that interference into the internal affairs of Syria – a sovereign country and a UN member-state is unacceptable. We demand that the USA and its satellites should put an end to their attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of Bashar Assad.

The CPRF supports the efforts of the Russian Federation calling for settlement of situation in Syria only by political methods and striving for objective investigation by the UN experts of the incident with chemical weapons.

At the same time we are confident that the Russian Federation leadership should take a harder line and a stance of principal in terms of providing all possible kinds of support to the legitimate Syrian government including arms supplies for the defence purposes.  Regrettably the devastating “reforms” in our Armed Forces undergoing for many years have led to the inability of the Russian diplomacy to rely on the key deterrence factor in the present day international relations, i.e. on the Army, the Air Force and the Navy that are mission capable and modernly equipped.

Syria is one of the few Russian allies left in this strategically vital region. We once again reiterate our steadfast solidarity with the Syrian people and its fare struggle for the independence of its Motherland.

CC CPRF Chairman

Gennady Zyuganov