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The secretary of the communist party of Lviv tortured by the fascists in Ukraine

Rostislav Vasilko 11)  Rostislav Vasilko, the secretary of the Communist Party in Lviv  tortured by the fascists in Ukraine. 
http://goo.gl/pmBbvo (en Français)
http://goo.gl/vs7Rvy (en Español)

Solidarity Statement with Ukraine (The Working Group meeting of the IMCWP)

International-Meeting-of-Communist-and-Workers'-Parties-Pellizza-da-Volpedo,-Il-Quarto-StatoGiven that the escalation of the political conflict in Ukraine is the result of the struggle of oligarchic groups for the post of President of Ukraine, which is for the general world and Ukrainian public is given for “the desire of Ukrainians to European values”. 

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Urgent! The office of the Communist Party of Ukraine has been attacked and damaged

Central-office-of-the-Communist-Party-of-Ukraine-KievThe developments in Ukraine take the most dramatic chatacter. The CPRF International department has got the recent news that in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, an outrageously behaving gang of well-prepared militatnts attacked the head-quarters of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Unknown bandidts attacked the premisies of the CPU, broke the windows and damaged the furniture inside. According to what our comrades told us there are yet no victims among the communists in the building. Continue reading