Position of the CPU – The Appeal to Communist, Workers` and Left-Wing parties

Коммунистическая_партия_Украины_(КПУ)Dear comrades! Dear friends!

First of all, I would like to thank all communist and left-wing forces for the support you have given and continue to give for Ukrainian people, and especially for the Communist Party of Ukraine. In this difficult time, not giving up, workingin difficult conditions, tens of thousands of Communists continue to defend our common ideals and interests of the people. And we need of support and solidarity from the world communist, workers and left-wing movement.

Before the tragic events that took place on 20-22 February 2014, when
during clashes in Kiev, killed many of our fellow citizens, we have repeatedly
informed you of our position.
We have emphasized the oppressive role of foreign intervention in the
affairs of Ukraine, the need to organize a broad dialogue between all political
forces in Ukraine to stabilize the tense situation, the creation of an independent
national supervisory authority of control over the power of the nation-wide
referendum on a national scale to determine the legal and legitimate Ukrainian
people their fate as well as the mandatory introduction of the institute election of
judges, and political reform to decentralize state power in Ukraine.
However, our calls were not heeded neither the then President Yanukovych, nor
the leaders of the then opposition, as a result of Ukraine was on the brink of social,
public and social divisions, the actual anarchy and anarchy.
The most tragic in the current situation in Ukraine is almost complete absence of
government regulation and legal order in the country, which is a consequence of
demoralization entire law enforcement system in Ukraine. At this time, ensure law
and order according to the law no one actually.
In this situation in Ukraine vengeance gaining strength armed nationalist,
ultra-right and radical movement, which, in fact, on behalf of the winners of the
Revolution, the seizure may hold property of citizens, violence, intimidation. And
the situation is actually out of control and the current leaders of the law
enforcement system, which consist of yesterday’s opposition, at best, have no data
on armed groups to no effect, and at worst are themselves silent partners that
reigns in Ukraine lawlessness. Activists of the Communist Party of Ukraine, in this
case come under attack in the first place, as well-known long time dream of
Ukrainian Nationalists and Western superpowers to fully suppress the communist
movement in Ukraine.
Against the Communists of Ukraine in conditions completely destroyed the
legal system is used blackmail, intimidation, beatings, illegally seized property,
party media – that is, the conditions for complete paralysis of activity of the
Communist Party of Ukraine. The clearest example of this is the confiscation of
“revolutionaries” in his favor of the central office of the Communist Party of
Ukraine in Kiev, which is owned by the Communist Party, as well as property and
personal belongings of employees who worked in the building.
The huge number of our regional offices have also been attacked, many of which
were looted and burned.
In Ukraine, the complete anarchy, by nationalist groups were destroyed
hundreds of Soviet-era monuments, prominent figures of the history of Ukraine,
World War II monuments, etc.
Unfortunately, all of these tragic events are the result of self-destructive
policies of many political forces in the struggle for power completely ignore the
notion of compromise and dialogue with his opponents than actively using
sweeping motion that under the guise of ” opposition ” slogans, now have the right
to create lawlessness.
However, in this difficult time testing the Communist Party of Ukraine and
further protects the interests of the common people, fighting for the
implementation of program objectives, establishes the work of our active and
seeks to lay the foundation for the revival and the growing influence of the
Communist Party throughout Ukraine.
We continue to defend the interests of the Ukrainian people in the
preservation of territorial integrity, which calls for the widest possible dialogue
between all political forces.
Communist Party of Ukraine believes that federalization and increase the
powers of regions of Ukraine will be able to preserve the territorial integrity of
Ukraine, and create the conditions for a return to peace, harmony and
understanding between the citizens of Ukraine in the entire country.
Communist Party of Ukraine calls on all communist, workers and leftist
movements asking us to continue to provide full support and cooperation in the
difficult struggle for our common principles and objectives.

On behalf of thousands of our activists, thank you in advance.


The First Secretary
of the Central Committee
of the Communist Party of Ukraine                        Petro Symonenko


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