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The CPRF helps Novorossiya in any circumstances.

88-й гуманитарный конвой ушел в Новороссию

Since the beginning of conflict in Novorossiya (the Republics of Donbas – the LPR and DPR) the Communist Party has been continuously providing them with full support, dispatching  humanitarian convoys with necessary items of supply.

The previous week the 88th convoy bound for the Republics from Russia. Despite the difficult situation with the COVID 19 throughout the world, the CPRF keeps on rendering assistance to fighting Donbas.

Convoys traditionally start in Moscow getting contribution of regional and municipal CPRF organizations while moving through the country towards Donbas.

This humanitarian campaign usually involves communist-oriented enterprises, such as  the Lenin state Farm headed by Pavel Grudinin;  Moscow region state farm of Dashkovka; the People’s enterprise of Zvenigovsky  and many others. The Academy of Sciences helped with books and urban administrations of Moscow region provided food supply.

The multi-ton trucks were loaded with cereals, pasta, canned meat, vegetables and fish, groceries, vegetables, hygiene products, medicine, construction materials, clothes and shoes. It is a matter of honor for the CPRF to support Donbas, comrades, friends  and those in trouble with all necessary stuff.

Our brothers in the South – East of Ukraine are waiting for this supply staying in trenches to defend the “Russian world”. Our common ancestors forged the Victory in 1945, which anniversary we celebrate this year. This was our common Victory over fascism. We have our common past. Nowadays we should help each other fighting for our common prosperous future.

The common residents of Donbas are in a great need of support and the Communist Party is trying to help them against all odds regardless getting reputation bonuses,  just from the open heart.

So far the Communist Party is the only organization rendering regular help and the residents of Donbas are aware that they can always count on us.

CPRF CC International Department


G. A. Zyuganov: the Communist party Faction will not support the Federal draft budget for 2021.


Prior to the upcoming vote on the draft law of the 2021 Federal budget, the Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee and the leader of the CPRF faction in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov told reporters  that the faction would not support it.

“We are going to implement a Patriotic program and our proposed budget is the budget of development. The one which has been introduced to us, our faction does not support, ” noted comrade Zyuganov.

As per his statement the Communist party has prepared its own draft  budget, which is of 33 trillion rubles.

According to the CPRF CC Chairman the draft budget submitted by the government is unable not ensure national economic growth. It does not provide financial support of measures aimed at combating demographic crisis, poverty and does not include guarantees of an eight-hour working day, as well as development of electrical engineering and aircraft construction. It also does not include money for support of  Children of War.

“This is not a budget for development, this is a budget for a liberal epidemic,” G. Zyuganov said.

2019 Election results

A unified election day took place across Russia’s 85 federal subjects on September 8. Sixteen regions elected governors, while the remainder elected their municipal and city parliaments.

Election took place against the backdrop of a difficult socio-economic situation in the country as well as substantial changes in general mood among the citizens, which have long been recorded by sociologists.

Public anger over more than five years of falling incomes and an unpopular hike in the pension age along with other cannibalistic reforms stubbornly executed by the government caused a severe distrust to power which had resulted in descent of the Russia‘s ruling United Russia (UR) party’s support.

Actually, the results of this campaign  have vividly demonstrated  new political trends originated by election 2018 in Khakassia, Vladimir region, Khabarovsk territory and Primorye with shocking results for the local authorities.

In order to prevent a repeat of last year’s protest vote situation (where citizens in several regions voted against the government’s official candidates, so they couldn’t falsify the vote), this time potential competitors (CPRF in particular) were prevented from joining the race and were not allowed to register as candidates under far-fetched pretext.

Instead of making changes in home politics the preferences had been given to various malicious technologies like “municipal filters”, spoiler – parties, candidate – namesakes, electronic voting etc.

After election the UR hastened to triumphantly declare  itself as the winner of election campaign, but despite grand rhetoric by its Headquarters we assess it only as an attempt to distort the reality.

Our candidates were the second in 10 out of 12 regions with an improved result in comparison with the previous election.  We have increased the total number of seats in municipal parliaments of thirteen regions leaving behind Liberal Democrats and Just Russia party. Hence, in total, after Election 2019 the CPRF has significantly increased its presence in parliaments of all levels. 

But the most severe defeat has been suffered by the ruling United Russia party in Moscow.  Pro-presidential party has lost one-third of its seats in the Moscow parliament despite  many “election tricks” in use.

This time round, all of its Moscow candidates rebranded as independents in an apparent effort to distance themselves from their party, whose popularity is at a more than decade-long low.  Hopefully to the credit of Muscovites they could make a correct choice which has resulted in our 13 (were 5) seats out of 45, and this is the best result in recent years.  

In conclusion it’s worth saying that election 2019 once again has demonstrated the declining popularity of the United Russia party along with social and economic policy pursued by the government. And on the contrary, national support for the CPRF and  left forces is on the rise in Russia.



International Department

In support of President Nicolas Maduro

Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the strongest possible terms denounces the interference of the USA in the home affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in an attempt to subordinate it to the American interests alien to the Venezuelan people.

The recognition of a self-proclaimed president of the country, of course will be a  pretext of restoration of the USA dominance in the country and has nothing in common with human rights and democracy. American struggle for democracy is only focused on country’s oil and other natural resources with quite evident attempt to bring them  under control of the US capital.

Thus, one more time we witness an example of an attempt to overthrow a legal national leader under the pretext of restoration of human rights and true democracy.

CPRF denounces the flagrant violation of International Law and provisions of the UN Charter by the US and other countries followed American  intervening in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

We reiterates our solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan people, the Communist Party of Venezuela and all forces defending national sovereignty and independence.

CPRF calls on all progressive forces of the world to prevent the most flagrant violation of International Law and support the only legal national President Nicolas Maduro.


CPRF Central Committee

January 28, 2019



Rally in support of Nicolas Maduro – the only legal President of Venezuela.

67204d_img_1392On January 28, 2019 the CPRF arranged a rally in support of Nicolas Maduro – the only legal President of Venezuela.

CPRF Parliamentarians Denis Parfenov and Valery Rashkin in the strongest possible terms denounced the interference of the USA in the home affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in an attempt to subordinate it to the American interests alien to the Venezuelan people.

According to Denis  Parfenov the situation in Venezuela, is one more example of  flagrant violation of International Law and provisions of the UN Charter by the US and other countries following American  intervening in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Parliamentarian stressed that the overthrow of the legal national leader under the pretext of restoration of human rights and true democracy was a cynical American methodology which had been already tested in Iraq, Libya, Georgia, Ukraine and even in Russia during the 1990s.

Today Russia is obliged to support Venezuela and its legal president on the international level and to prevent plundering of this country by liberal dissenters headed by Juan Guaido.

Rally participants call on all progressive forces of the world to oppose the US – led coup attempt and support the only legal President Nicolas Maduro.

CPRF CC International Department