In support of President Nicolas Maduro

Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the strongest possible terms denounces the interference of the USA in the home affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in an attempt to subordinate it to the American interests alien to the Venezuelan people.

The recognition of a self-proclaimed president of the country, of course will be a  pretext of restoration of the USA dominance in the country and has nothing in common with human rights and democracy. American struggle for democracy is only focused on country’s oil and other natural resources with quite evident attempt to bring them  under control of the US capital.

Thus, one more time we witness an example of an attempt to overthrow a legal national leader under the pretext of restoration of human rights and true democracy.

CPRF denounces the flagrant violation of International Law and provisions of the UN Charter by the US and other countries followed American  intervening in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

We reiterates our solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan people, the Communist Party of Venezuela and all forces defending national sovereignty and independence.

CPRF calls on all progressive forces of the world to prevent the most flagrant violation of International Law and support the only legal national President Nicolas Maduro.


CPRF Central Committee

January 28, 2019