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 Ukraine continues to perform acts of legal arbitrariness and political blackmail  in Ukraine. The latest victim of outrageous pressure is Alla Alexandrovskaya, a champion of the interests of the country’s disadvantaged citizens, member of four parliaments, Honoured Citizen of the City of Kharkov, First Secretary of the Kharkov Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine.  The Ukrainian Security Service unlawfully arrested her on specious charges of “encroaching on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.” On June 30 the Kievsky District Court of Kharkov, using trumped-up charges  ordered Alla Alexandrovskaya to be put under guard for two months.

What is happening in Kharkov fits in neatly with the so-called “decommunization” propaganda campaign. Alla Alexandrovskaya has long been the target of a baiting campaign in the Ukrainian media. National-Radicals have leveled  groundless charges against her, threatened her, and staged provocations not stopping short of attacking and beating her. All these Bandera-style actions grossly violate the country’s Constitution, but the authorities have done nothing to interdict these acts. The reason is that the ruling regime in Ukraine itself instigates and follows the practice of cracking down on dissent and persecuting communists.

This time around the victim of the policy emanating from the high offices in Kiev is a 68-year-old woman who has serious health problems. Already under arrest Alla Alexandrovskaya suffered a hypertension crisis. Nevertheless she is still in pre-trial detention. The falsehood of the case is becoming ever more evident and the situation ever more intolerable.

We demand from the Ukrainian authorities to immediately release Alla Alexandrovskaya from the Ukrainian Security Service incarceration.

We call on the world public opinion to support the courageous woman and rise to protect her against political persecution. We appeal to the international democratic and human rights organizations to demand from the Ukrainian authorities an immediate release of Alla Alexandrovskaya, strict adherence to the principle of supremacy of law, protection of democratic rights and freedoms of citizens. We hope that the UN Human Rights Council, the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch will take a principled stand on this issue. We count on the solidarity of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, the Women’s International Democratic Federation and other groups.



 Gennady Zyuganov

 Chairman of the CC CPRF




 Dear comrades!

The CPRF Central Committee warmly welcomes the delegates to the Congress of the Communist Party of Indonesia, all communists and the working class of the country supporting your fight for democracy and people’s power.

Your congress is an extremely important event in the history of the Party. After 50 years of persecution and repressions the Indonesian communists could resurrect the Communist Party of the country and demonstrate to the whole world their determination and commitment to the principles of Marxism-Leninism.

 The CPRF expresses its support to your fight for consolidation and unity of Party ranks because joint actions in fight for workers’ rights, our general ideals and socialism are required today more  than ever before.

Dear comrades,

We wish the 1st Congress of the Communist Party of Indonesia a successful work.

The Congress will strengthen Party ranks and aim communists at gaining trust of people and authority of the Party in your country.


Fraternal greetings,

                                                                                                               Gennady Zyuganov

                                                                                                Chairman of the CPRF  Central Committee










                                                                     Dear comrades!

 The CPRF Central Committee warmly welcomes the delegates to the Congress of the Communist Party of Finland, all communists of Finland, your allies and supporters.

The CPF has been actively and consistently advocating the establishment of  genuine democracy, better workers’ rights, more equal women’s rights, universal human rights and peace.

We support your appeal for international  class struggle against fascism, racism and the neoliberal governments, pursuing austerity policies and trying to shift consequences of the economic crisis  to the working class.

Our parties are bonded with ties of friendship and international solidarity. We will be continuously together in fight for our common  ideals and socialism.

Dear comrades,

We wish the Congress of Communist Party of Finland a successful work. We are sure that its decisions will support the strengthening of Party ranks and Party authority in your country. 

Fraternal greetings,             

                                                                                        Gennady Zyuganov

                                                                Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee                  

Meeting with Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Prime minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

On May 16, 2016 the Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee G. A. Zyuganov  held a meeting with Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Prime minister of the Socialist Republic of .

 During the meeting comrade Zyuganov underlined that we were glad to have one more meeting with our good friends in combat. He also said that all that time Russian communists had been calling for strengthening economic, political and interparty relations between our parties and nations.

Besides, he stressed that the Government and the Communist party Central Committee of Vietnam  were always receptive to our initiatives.

“The socialist Vietnam has been always playing a significant role as one of our major  strategic partners,” underlined comrade Zyuganov. 

Gennady Andreevich also expressed his appreciation to the  Embassy of Vietnam to Russia which, in his opinion, had been doing well  on strengthening economical, political and cultural ties between our countries.

In response the Prime minister of Vietnam said  that they were quite aware of great influence and authority of the CPRF in Russia as well as of their increase in Russia. 

“We also know that your party has made the significant contribution to the development of relations between our nations which are considered to be very important for us”, said comrade Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

“Vietnamese  people will never forget the brotherly help rendered to us in due time by the USSR and the CPSU. In our country we annually celebrate the birthday of Vladimir Lenin as well as the anniversary of the Great October Socialist revolution”, he added.

“The XII Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) focused our attention on the maximum use of market economy. But at the same time communists of Vietnam consider keeping the leading role of the Communist party in all areas of national life as an extremely important issue,” Nguyen Cuang Phuc stated.  

The First Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Ivan Melnikov, CPRF deputies Yuri Afonin, Leonid Kalashnikov, Kazbek Taysayev, Alexander  Yushchenko and Vadim Kumin also participated in the meeting.



Ceremony on the occasion of the146th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birthday.

On April 22, 2016 CPRF members and supporters took part in flower-laying ceremony at the Mausoleum at Red Square to celebrate  the 146th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s  birthday.

The column of participants with red flags, flowers and wreaths. was headed by the CPRF leader  Gennady Zyuganov who appeared before journalists upon completion of the ceremony.

“I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of birthday of  Vladimir Lenin, one of the most ingenious scientists, politicians, publicists and statesmen in the world,” said  the CPRF leader.

“A lot of people have been trying to improve mankind’s life, but  very few of them were successful. Vladimir Lenin was ever – first person suggested building a kingdom of justice on the ground of labor, friendship, respect to children, women and old people considering them  as basic elements  of state policy”.

“Lenin has created the first-ever party of working class capable to rebuff invasion of the Entente, create mighty Red Army,  work out  the GOELRO plan as well as the New Economic Policy (so called NEP), successfully implemented in practice”.

Even under the conditions of civil war he was the first suggested building the state guided by ideas like: “Peace to the peoples! Bread to the hungry! The land to the peasants! Factories to the workers! All power to Councils!” And he has practically implemented this program “, emphasized comrade Zyuganov.

The results of national economy modernization initiated by Stalin and Lenin in Russia turned out to be amazing to the world.

The economy has managed to create the best equipment and defeat fascism. It could make the first  space flight and establish a nuclear missile shield defending our country  nowadays.

Gennady Zyuganov said, that he was sure that all the people would always honor Lenin and Stalin’s heroic deeds.

“They witness the activity of  American globalism on  further separation of the world in order to please its  imperial ambitions. All actions are being done after destruction of Yugoslavia, separation  of Iraq, annihilation of Libya. But once again they have encountered a strong resistance  of progressive forces”, he stated.

“Two tendencies have been fighting each other  in our country nowadays”, said the CPRF leader.

 The first one, called state and patriotic, enables us to return the Crimea back home and  to defeat hordes of terrorists in Syria.

It enables us to resist NATO aggression and strengthen defense capability of our country.

And there is also a liberal and speculative tendency which follows the thievish track trodden along the path of Boris Yeltsin and Yegor Gaidar.

Its supporters keep on selling the   last piece of property, inflate prices, impose new taxes on citizens robbing them. This tendency is quite evident throughout the liberal government continuing to follow Yeltsin’s way initiated  in 1991.

They have established so-called Yeltsin center which is bigger, than the Winter Palace. At dictation of  CIA experts the thousand-year history of our nation is  presented as a continuous line of crimes.

“How could the people who saved Europe three times within thousand years, saved our planet from fascism and made the first spaceflight, created the first-ever state of justice, be worthy of such an installation in the Urals, the ridge of our power?”

“We have submitted  the program of 10 definite points to overcome the crisis  to the State Duma. I am sure that it will get support “,  he said.

“It is the program of creation, the program of support of talented people and all who would like to study and work honestly and live in successful, patriotic  and well educated country”.

In the course of performance comrade Zyuganov informed  that a legendary MMA fighter Jeff Monson famous for his left-wing views joined the ceremony at Red Square, and the day before he had a meeting with the CPRF leader.

“I asked Jeff a question about his way of understanding the idea that the world could not  exist without justice and he replied that while  visiting a lot of  countries, he didn’t expect that there were a lot of misfortune in the world,  a lot of poor and abandoned children and that capitalism had so much mocked at the nature”, said  the CPRF leader.

Therefore it is necessary to save children, conscience and soul. And all progressive people of the world have to fight for it.

“We support this idea,” Gennady Zyuganov has emphasized.

The leader of the CPRF has also introduced Maryana Naumova, the girl champion and the world record-holder in powerlifting.

Comrade Zyuganov said that Maryana became 17 years old on that day.

She does active work in support of Donbass children, visits  the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics, participated in  humanitarian aid delivery.

“We have already sent there 53 convoys, 7 thousand tons of drugs, clothes, food, construction materials”, Gennady Zyuganov  reminded.

The ceremonies dedicated to the 146th anniversary of  Lenin’s  birthday have taken place in hundreds of the cities and settlements throughout the Russian Federation.