The CPRF candidate for Presidency, Nikolay Kharitonov continues his electoral campaign travelling all over Russia for meetings with representatives of various  enterprises and organizations.

     CPRF candidate Nikolay Kharitonov  always meets warm welcome wherever he comes. People trust him feeling his cordial concern and devotion, his vast experience as politician representing CPRF, the genuine  People’s Party which is always at the service of common people.

    This week was dedicated to meeting with the artists of the Center for Contemporary Music named after V. Popov who welcomed our candidate and shared their professional problems with him, asking for his support and advise.

   During a friendly  discussion Nikolai Mikhailovich  stressed that culture has been always the most important issue in  shaping spiritual and moral core of practically everyone, hence it should be under direct  State control and provided with state funding. Besides he emphasized the need to introduce an educational component in this area.

     As a part of his campaign N. Kharitonov held a meeting with activists of the public movement named “Children of War” bringing their attention to the great work done by the Communist Party in order to providing them with additional benefits. The CPRF widely supported the movement initiative to install of 58 monuments and commemorative plaques all over the country.

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