The CPRF Candidate N. Kharitonov continues meeting people and touring around Russia.

On March 11, the CPRF candidate for Presidency Nikolay Kharitonov met the party activists, supporters and journalists in the center of Moscow as part of the “Red in the City” campaign.

    The candidate spoke of his recent regional trips and meetings with the staff of various enterprises. He presented the CPRF Program, leaflets, newspapers and other agitation products.

    The meeting attracted many people of all ages, showing the public support of the Party and our Candidate. Kharitonov shared his opinion on various issues and answered questions of the population.

   The CPRF Parliamentarians and G. Zuganov came to support the candidate and got involved in discussion.

   Finalizing the meeting, the party activists reported on their agitation practices and positive feedback from the population.        

     On March 12, Nikolay Kharitonov started his two-day visit to Volgograd, former Stalingrad, the city associated with the victory of the Russian people over fascism. (For many years CPRF has been  fighting to officially change the name of the city to Stalingrad to commemorate heroism of the soviet soldiers).

     Nikolai Mikhailovich was warmly welcomed by the members of the Party Regional Committee and supporters. The party members paid tribute to the defenders of Stalingrad, visited the panorama museum “The Stalingrad Battle” and Mamayev Kurgan. The Communists laid flowers at the monuments to V. Lenin, I. Stalin, G.Zhukov, A.Vasilevsky, to the Eternal Flame in the Hall of Military Glory and to the monument “Motherland”.

Kharitonov finalized his trip to the region with a big meeting that gathered over 400 party activists and supporters .


  The upcoming elections is the major event of this year, determining the future of our country and each of us. We believe, that it’s time to change the system, and elections is one of the important steps in this direction.

CPRF CC International Department