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G.A. Zyuganov on the State of the Nation Speech of the Russian Federation President Medvedev to the Federal Assembly

  • Generally the State of the Nation Speech resembles inverted pyramid, – said the CPRF leader. – It contains attractive ideas but does not rest against production-economic basis. The speech has been built upon the same neo-liberal postulates being wasted due to the current crisis. Surprisingly the speech does not consider the results of the recent grand international Forum in Yaroslavl. Remember, the Forum participants came to the single-valued conclusion: modality of neo-liberal capitalism has done out.

Info on the 7th of November events in Russia

On November 7 the march and rally in honor of 92nd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution was held in Moscow. The action, which was held under the slogan: “Let the ideas of Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin live and win!”, “Stop the genocide of the people!”, “Capitalism – to the dustbin of history!”, brought together more than fifteen thousand people. The CPRF leader G.A. Zyuganov addressed the rally, held at the Theater Square of Moscow.

IV Plenum of the CPRF Central Committee

On October 31 the IV Plenum of the CPRF Central Committee was held. The Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee G.A. Zyuganov made the report “On the protection of workers’ rights and strengthening of the CPRF political influence”. In his report, in particular, he outlined the main tasks of the Party, and gave the balance of class forces in today’s Russia

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