Statements from the CPRF CC’s appeal to the citizens of Russia

Statements from the CPRF Central Committee’s appeal to the citizens of Russia:
Our Agenda for Action
Our program of Russia’s resurgence is simple, clear and thoroughly formulated. That is what we offer:
Stop the extinction of the country, primarily through a drastic change of the socio-economic policy, stimulating birth rate growth, restoration of benefits for large families, reconstruction of the kindergartens’ network, the housing provision for young families, the elimination of homelessness.
Return Russia’s natural resources to the society ownership as well as strategic industries: electric power industry, transport, military industrial complex, oil and gas deposits, illegally privatized factories and mines. Make each and every citizen of Russia real and effective owner of these resources, receiving dividends from the property. Draw the Stabilization Fund back to Russia and invest the money to the country revival. Stimulate the development of high-tech industry, rather than the screwdriver assembly. Reduce taxes on production. Stop the practices of enterprises’ artificial bankruptcy and the raider grabs.
Achieve food security. Raise the appropriation for agriculture support up to 10% of the expenditure budget. Take the support of collective farms on the agriproduct production and processing as the basis for rural regions revival.
Revise the laws that have worsened the citizens’ living conditions, allowing plunder of the country riches. Including the law 122 on “monetization” of benefits, as well as Labor, Housing, Land, Forest and Water Codes. Adopt a new package of laws on local self-government.
Start urgent struggle for the elimination of poverty. Introduce state control over prices of essential commodities and fuel. Establish a living wage at a level of 10-12 thousand rubles a month. Ensure that salaries, pensions, scholarships cannot be below the subsistence minimum. Return privileges to unprotected categories of citizens.
Introduce progressive taxation. Exempt from taxation as citizens with low incomes. Set the priority of domestic debt to the external one. Return to the people state debts – investments “burnt” in the years of reforms.
Reinstate the responsibility of authorities for municipal housing economy. Expand public housing construction. Prohibit the eviction of people onto the street. Limit the utility charges to the 10% of the total monthly family income.
Increase the science funding. Support the existing science cities and create new ones. Provide scientists with decent wages and everything necessary for research activity. Encourage the return of scientists to the Motherland.
Restore high quality universal free education. Save its secular, developing character. Stop the destruction of the Soviet system of higher education, the best one in the world. Revive the system of vocational and specialized secondary education.
Ensure the availability and quality of health care. Provide the needy people with free medicines or on easy terms. Encourage people going in for sports. Revive the children and youth sport schools, clubs and sections. Undertake every effort to promote healthy life-style.
Make the culture available and stop its commercialization. Protect Russian civilization and culture – the basis of multiethnic Russia unity, the national cultural and spiritual traditions of the peoples of the country. Provide the objective study of history and culture of Russia as the basis for patriotic education. Prevent the promotion of vulgarity and cynicism.
Increase the efficiency of state administration. Reduce the number of officials and swollen repressive apparatus. Support various forms of people self-organization to control the state apparatus. Break the system of total falsification during the elections. Create an electoral system without the administrative and information terror, without “dirty” technologies. Restore the election of the Federation Council and the heads of the regions by the population.
Strongly suppress corruption and crime by cleaning up primarily the upper echelons of power from inefficient and corrupt cadres. Lift the moratorium on the death penalty for heinous crimes. Expand the powers of law enforcement agencies; strengthen their responsibility for corrupt practices.
Further battle readiness of the Armed Forces; equip them with modern weapons and enlarge the authority of military service. Provide social guarantees and housing for servicemen, eliminate the debts to military retirees.
Ensure legally the territorial integrity of Russia, reliable and effective protection of compatriots abroad, especially in the former USSR territories. Implement the program on Siberia, the Far East and North of Russia development; the measures to stop the people outflow from the regions.
Pursue the foreign policy aimed at defending national interests, rather than the ones of a handful of oligarchs. To that end revive the industrial, military and informative-and-cultural potential, corresponding to the needs of Russia as the great power. Counteract the aggressive forces. Accelerate overcome of the tragic gap between the USSR fraternal peoples and the voluntary restoration of the Union State.
The Need of Patriotic Front
This is not just another set of wishful thinking. This is the program of action, developed and supported by the best scientists and production workers. Implementation of this program has transformed our country from an impoverished agrarian state into a mighty industrial power, ensured the victory of our people in the greatest war within human history, the soonest restoration of the country after Nazi looting. There is no reason why our talented people cannot rebuild Russia after its “market” destruction and robbery.
Only political will is needed. But the ruling circles lack such will and are not suppose to have the one, while their purpose is quite contrary to the interests of the people’s overwhelming majority. In his State of the Nation Speech to the RF Federal Assembly President Medvedev recognizes that Russia is in a deadlock, in a rather grave situation and puts forward the slogans of modernization. However, it is impossible to move forward with collapsed economic and financial policy, with the management team corrupted to the core. Real modernization requires qualitatively different course, the concentration of all state resources. Meanwhile, we are drawn into a new boundless wave of privatization.
Our great ancestors for centuries created, developed and defended Russia not for letting it to rot in the hands of a handful of thieves and bribe takers. The current regime has become a brake on the productive forces development, both material and spiritual ones. It must leave the historical arena and will inevitably do so. The change of power is needed to implement an effective program of the country revival.
Intellectual and civil service maintenance of Russian oligarchs that forced the country into the crisis is no longer able to conceal its bankruptcy. It is more and more difficult for them to deceive the citizens, accusing the CPRF in calling people back to the past.
We do not call back. Our slogan: “Forward to socialism!” And the life shows: the future is with socialism and not with capitalism. The society feels it every day deeper. That is why for the CPRF vote the most prepared and thoughtful circles of society: brainpower, skilled workers and engineers, nationally oriented entrepreneurs, students, residents of big cities and science cities.
All over the world the wind is blowing in the sails of the left forces. While the best part of humanity is powerfully moving to the left, especially in Asia and Latin America, Europe is becoming one of the last bastions of capitalism, led by “the empire of yellow devil” – the United States, and Russia is turning into one of the most criminal corners of this bastion.
But we have no reason for pessimism. We recall that Russia before 1917 was also the bastion of reaction. Few people believed then that our country was destined to show the mankind the path to socialism, to the new type of society.
The uniqueness of the Russian, Russia’s civilization and history, great traditions of struggle for freedom, the memory of the Soviet era outstanding achievements will undoubtedly help people to overcome apathy and to find the way out of the current historical deadlock and the chaos of hard times.
Our country is in the hard situation. We believe that in this situation the unity of all national-minded and responsible forces, of all patriots is required. We encourage citizens, who are unindifferent to the fate of Russia, conscious of the need to change the course in the name of dignified future, to join in efforts to save the Fatherland, to create tools and conditions for such salvation that is of wide National Patriotic Front, and to actively assist in this matter.