G.A. Zyuganov on the State of the Nation Speech of the Russian Federation President Medvedev to the Federal Assembly

  • Generally the State of the Nation Speech resembles inverted pyramid, – said the CPRF leader. – It contains attractive ideas but does not rest against production-economic basis. The speech has been built upon the same neo-liberal postulates being wasted due to the current crisis. Surprisingly the speech does not consider the results of the recent grand international Forum in Yaroslavl. Remember, the Forum participants came to the single-valued conclusion: modality of neo-liberal capitalism has done out.
  • According to G. A. Zyuganov, “one should not talk about modernization without development of key industry brunches, such as aircraft industry, instrument engineering and machine tool building. But new budget allocates only 0,1% to these industries’ development. As a whole for the national economy 500 billion rubles are scheduled, and 60 billion for agriculture. It really a drop in the ocean! At the same time the internal debt of Russia makes 3.9 trillion rubles and the external one – more than 500 billion US dollars”.
  • Any modernization requires resources’ accumulation, – stressed G.A. Zyganov. – But there is nothing about the issue in the speech. Medvedev only recognized that the country is in a deadlock, but he did not mention those who are at fault.
  • The CPRF leader noted the economy block to be the weakest in the President’s speech. “As for the political one the impression is more favorable. From the CPRF twelve demands stated during the State Duma crisis, eight ones in a varying form have been realized in the speech. But the President omitted the need for opposition law to be adopted, the necessity of local heads’ electivity”.
  • As regards to the school, – G.A. Zyuaganov went on, – the President in fact advocated for its privatization and for the state renunciation of the education guarantee. Such position is absolutely inadmissible. Wideband Internet is surely full well. But what use of it when rural libraries within the last 15 years received not a single new book? Only two-three school textbooks on history out of 50 can be called today fair ones. The others are full of lies and Russo phobia”.
  • I am also disagree with the President’s statements on foreign policy, – noted G.A. Zyuganov. – Benefits exclusively should not be its mainstream. The Union of Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan is not the market issue, but our survival modality”.
  • “The President spoke about innovations, about the creation of Russian “Silicon Valley”, – stated the CPRF leader. – But I would like to remind him that there are 27 science cities in Moscow region only. Novosibirsk Academician City is the research center of world importance. In Soviet times our scientists made every third discovery. So it’s better to use our own experience rather than following alien way. The West is not motivated in giving over to us advanced technologies. Recent cancellation of “Opel” sale deal with the consortium, where Russian Sberbank participated, is dramatic confirmation”.
  • “You can see the way of the President’s ideas on Russia’s transformation into the world leader in science and high-technologies field are being implemented in terms of ROSNANO state corporation, – said G.A. Zyuganov. – Chubais is the head of the corporation. The corporation received 130 billion rubles from the budget and spent only 10 billion. Where the remaining funds are – nobody knows. Most likely the money is turning over in banks. 1200 science projects were planned for finance support, then only 22 of them were selected and only eight ones were funded. That is the way the President’s project of country modernization works!”
  • Out of the President’s State of the Nation Speech, – stressed the CPRF leader, – the following conclusion can be made: it is based on the old model, old team and old route. It is impossible to move forward with such luggage.