Info on the 7th of November events in Russia

On November 7 the march and rally in honor of 92nd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution was held in Moscow. The action, which was held under the slogan: “Let the ideas of Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin live and win!”, “Stop the genocide of the people!”, “Capitalism – to the dustbin of history!”, brought together more than fifteen thousand people. The CPRF leader G.A. Zyuganov addressed the rally, held at the Theater Square of Moscow.

In preparation for the celebration of the 92nd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the CPRF regional offices held meetings of party activists, met with the heads of veterans ‘councils, local trade union leaders, and organizations, leftist social organizations and movements, citizens’ initiative groups.


Before the Great October Day and November 7, 2009 the ceremonies were held of laying flowers and wreaths at the Lenin Mausoleum, at the monuments of the world proletariat leaders, the heroes of the revolution and civil war. During these celebrations in a number of the CPRF regional offices party cards were given in to the new CPRF members.

On November 7, 2009 throughout the republican, provincial and district centers, cities, major population centers of Russia marches, demonstrations, rallies, pickets, solemn assemblies were held, organized by the CPRF regional and local offices. All actions were not of so much a holiday as of protest anti-capitalist nature.