Freedom to Oleg Khorzhan!

On June 6, 2018 the authorities of the Moldavian Transnistrian Republic arrested the Secretary of the UCP – CPSU Central Council, Transnistria communists’ leader Oleg Khorzhan. Prior to his arrest some of our comrades have already been detained.

An absurd accusation has been put forward against the Chairman of the Transnistrian Communist Party Central Committee, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the MTR.
Oleg Khorzhan which is known as a courageous and uncompromising fighter for legitimacy, has been accused in attacking law enforcement officers. In such a way the Authorities try to intimidate all independently conceiving citizens as well as to soothe growing social anger in the country.

Transnistrian political regime, pretending to be a democratic one, has been executing a shameful persecution of opposition politicians for the benefit of oligarchy. Actually it is a punishment of the Khorzhans. Pursuing communists, the political regime follows the way of the Nazis, Forest Brothers and Bandera’s men.

Last year all over the planet the Centennial of the Great October was celebrated. 132 delegations arrived to Russia from the whole world. The decision to fight against the admirers of Stepan Bandera and all indications of neo-Nazism in a collective and vigorous form has been taken. But the Transnistrian administration affords to trick in spirit of those whose ideas and actions have been condemned by the world community long ago.

The Union of communist parties, national-patriotic forces indignantly perceive pressure on our like-minded people. Communists were in the forefront of the defenders of freedom and independence of a young Transnistrian state. A lot of our comrades and friends sacrificed their lives for peace and calmness, for genuine democracy and social justice on Transnistrian land.
We express strong protest against political provocations and declare solidarity with Transnistrian communists. We demand immediate release of Oleg Khorzhan and all these illegally detained!

We call our friends and supporters in various countries of the world to oppose that arbitrariness. We believe that the Security Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia should pronounce itself on inadmissible issue.

We officially warn that the President of the MTR V.N. Krasnosel’skij and the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic A.S. Scherba bear personal responsibility for life and health of political prisoners. We will take all measures, in order to release our comrades and to stop despotism. For these purposes we will use all necessary measures of legal protection as well as broad support of progressive forces of Europe.

We demand the stop of crude infringement of human rights!
Freedom to Oleg Khorzhanu!
Hands off the Communist Party of Transnistria!

Gennady Zyuganov
Chairman of UCP – CPSU Council,
CPRF Central Сommittee