CPRF supports mass protests against liberal reforms

   On Thursday, July 19, CPRF State Duma deputies conducted a meeting on pension reform, protesting the inhibition of CPRF anti-crisis program in the parliament.

Prior to the plenary session aimed at discussing an increase of retirement age, parliamentarians appealed to the audience and mentioned mass protests across the country.

 CPRF deputies reminded about the anti-crisis program initiated by the Communist party, aiming at creating  the budget of development. However, the initiatives of the Communists have been blocked by the pro-presidential United Russia party.

The speakers noted that the actions undertaken by the Government were beneficial for oligarchs only as they have been keeping people’s wealth in their hands. They called for mass protests to repulse liberal reforms, and to ensure that the individuals who were in charge of these reforms should be permanently deprived of the opportunity to participate in politics.

The Communist MPs demanded the stop of “cannibalistic pension reform” and resignation of D. Medvedev’s government. The demands were supported by all participants of the action.