To the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India

Dear comrades!  

Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation warmly greets the delegates to the 23rd Congress of the Communist Party of India, all members of the Party, your allies and supporters.

Your Congress takes place at a most difficult moment in international affairs. The global political and economic crisis overwhelms the world  bringing  the majority of common people back to misery. The bourgeoisie attacks the working class in an attempt to drive a wedge between proletarians to undermine international cooperation between communist parties.     The Communist Party of India, being an important national political power actively opposes such an offence protecting the interests of the  working class as well as  long lasting  friendship between Russians and Indians.

The CPRF expresses its gratitude for  the vigorous actions undertaken by the CPI to protect that friendship along with the memory about Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the first socialist state in the world. No one is able to break our relations! At the same time, the your Party conducts a wise policy cooperating with other left forces in India to make positive contribution to the development of the country. The CPI  actively and consistently stands for the establishment of true democracy in the country, for the rights of common people. The strength of the party is not measured by the number of legislators, but by the presence among workers and peasants, youth and students — all those who support it. Proletarian consciousness, loyalty to the revolutionary party, maximum connection with the masses, strategy, tactics can unite society to achieve common goals: strive for better and fair life, for socialism.

We wish the 23rd Congress successful work. We are confident that the Congress decisions will further strengthen the Party ranks and improve the Party’s prestige in the society.


With fraternal greetings,

             Gennady Zyuganov                                             Chairman of the CPRF CC