Information about XIV CPRF Congress

Information about XIV CPRF Congress
(September 24, 2011, Moscow)
Dear comrades,
We would like to inform you about the XIV CPRF Congress which was held on September 24, 2011 in Moscow. The main item on the agenda was related to the forthcoming parliamentary elections which will take place on December 4, 2011.
The delegates adopted the list of the CPRF candidates who will participate in the election campaign.
The Chairman of the CC CPRF Gennady Zyuganov made a major report on the situation in the country and the party activity in this period.
20 years have passed since the events of August 1991 when an attempt was made to rescue the Soviet Union, but it failed. Since then a war against the Russian civilization has been waged. We had to live through a drastic historical spiral. Life taught us a cruel lesson. We shall always remember this lesson and we shall not repeat the previous mistakes. We shall preserve the victorious alloy of the Russian and the socialist idea. Another lesson is responsibility for the ideological and informational policy – tough struggle with crawling counterrevolution is necessary.
A lot has changed within the last 20 years. We went through the banning of our party, interrogations and thousands of trials. We learned to fight in the defence and to win locally, as well as to withstand administrative and informational terror. We saw examples of infamous treachery and of great devotion to our cause. But the CPRF has been moving forward and today we reaffirm once again: it is the people who are the real gold of our party! It is due to them that the country is ready to enter the new times. The participants of the Congress are sure: a true popular power is coming! The feeling of close changes is brewing in the society.
Two thirds of the population regret the loss of the Soviet Union. This is the majority which becomes more and more aware of its interests. And the majority is due to win!
Russia is entering a new period in its development and the CPRF is launching a decisive stage of struggle for popular power and socialism. To win at the parliamentary elections is “a task-minimum”. We also offer a large-scale programme which calls us to fight for:
  • the obtaining of full-fledged levers of power
  • the gaining of patriotic majority in the parliament
  • the use of the authorities of the president in the interests of the people and the security of the country
  • the creation of the Government of popular trust consisting of professionals and patriots
We have to start and the sooner we do it the better. Russia is running out of its “safety factor”. It has 5-7, maximum 10 years to create the foundation for the new development. We have to move forward steadily and persistently. We have to fight because there is nobody else to do it!
The CPRF Programme guarantees the democratization of the political system and improvement of its efficiency, as well as reorganization of the whole system of government and development of different forms of popular self-rule.
Our opponents are fond of a lie that the victory of the CPRF may lead to a civil war. But a low-level civil war has been going on for more than 20 years already. The triumph of the capital results in conflicts among nationalities. Poverty on the level of genocide gives girth to social discord. People at power, whatever Medvedev and Putin say, are unable to secure social and national peace to Russia. To put an end to this latent war – this is what CPRF is ready to do, providing such a social system which will bring steady development to the country and security, wealth and personal dignity to its citizens.
Yet another broken myth is that “capitalism is a civilized society”.  Lack of “good will” is demonstrated by the globalists in their foreign policy. Such countries as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and others are subjected to interference in this or that form into their internal and foreign affairs, as well as to political blackmail, military intervention and inequivalent exchange  under the guise of “market relations”.
Principles of neocolonialism of the second half of the XX century are combined with invasive wars which returned into our world from the XVII and the XIX centuries.
In these conditions a thorough overhaul of the Russian foreign policy is necessary.
The national security of Russia is undermined. The future of the country is under threat. Keeping the present political regime is disastrous.
Russia faces now five major challenges:
  • huge social inequality,
  • demographic catastrophe,
  • spiritual and moral degradation,
  • break-down of the economy which had been hooked  on  raw-materials
  • loss of defence capacity and bereavement of the key allies.
So either Russia solves the problem of the 20 years which have been lost, or it will be smashed.
The time demands a new policy with clear aims, political will a fair and able team. Russia can make a step forward, but it lacks the main factor to do so, which is political will and nationally thinking government. This means that the ruling regime is not ready to lead the country along the road of changes. All the rhetoric about modernization doesn’t change anything. For large-scale transformations one needs the support of broad masses of people. But the people can not and will not support the oligarch policy! Today everyone must realize that without changing the power it is impossible to rescue the country.
Our party has entered the federal election campaign with a solid programme support, with clear understanding of its tasks and with distinctly defined aims. A lot is to be done for the sake of our victory. But the time confirms the truthfulness of our ideas. The experience of China, Vietnam, fraternal Byelorussia and other countries shows how productive the socialist principles are in economy and in social life. And this means that though the Soviet Union which had been betrayed by its own leaders didn’t manage to keep its balance at a rapid spiral, still the major direction of the progress hasn’t changed. And this direction is the course to socialism.
Our slogan today is: “From political defence – towards nation-wide offence!”
CPRF Press-service