Statement on Libya

NATO is a source of state terrorism
Statement by the CC CPRF Chairman Gennady Zyuganov
NATO member countries have recently decided to extend the “ peace-making operation” in Libya for another 3 months. And on 4 October the US Defence minister Leon Panetta said that the NATO “air mission” would be over only after the end of fighting in Libya and in particular in Sirte. In other words, the punitive operation of the western coalition will continue until the Libyan population stops resisting the NATO occupation. NATO Air Forces which systematically destroy the Libyan cities are quite similar to Hitler’s “Luftwaffe”. In 1937 the city of Gernika in Spain was subjected to disastrous bombing and became the first symbol of a villainous destruction of a peaceful city from air. It was followed by the destruction of the city of Coventry in Great Britain in 1940.
But the Anglo-Saxons weren’t any better than the fascists in their cruelty. For example, the destruction of Dresden by Anglo-American aviation in 1945 when in whirlwind of fire dozens of people died within one night. The culminating but not the last crime in this raw were bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the same 1945.
NATO air strikes have already killed about 50 000 Libyans, including women and children, and wounded more than 100 000 people. Hundreds of thousands people have to flee the country. Entire cities have been destroyed with hospitals, schools and nurseries. The life of people in Libya has turned into real hell. And all this is being done under the pretext of protecting the civilians, as it is stated by the NATO leaders with monstrous hypocrisy.
NATO and their mercenaries have completely blocked the city of Sirte, cutting all the supply ways for the dozens of thousands of its inhabitants. Living areas are being systematically destroyed. What NATO member-countries are doing is inhumane and can be termed the gravest crime – crime against humanity. The true nature of NATO has again been revealed – it is a horrible war machine which sweeps away everything on its way to provide global domination of the world financial oligarchy. The UN is being turned into one of the levers of this machine of death, under the guise of which the lynch-law is performed without any punishment. It is becoming evident that no resolutions and international agreements can guarantee safety to a state, because the slogan of the powers-that-be today is “The truth is in force”.
The CPRF demands that an immediate end should be put to the genocide of the Libyan people. It is necessary that the leaders of the NATO member-countries, who in violation of the international law gave the order about aggression against a sovereign country, should be  brought to responsibility.
Russia shouldn’t be just a side-liner. It should encumber the spread of the NATO dictatorship. Otherwise Russia itself may become the next victim. We reiterate that only a country that posses a mighty army and industry is able to protect itself against growing aggression on the part of the USA and their allies. That is why we demand an end to the criminal experiments on the Armed forces of Russia, as well as urgent measures to restore their combat effectiveness and   immediate nationalization of the military-industrial complex to provide our army with modern weapons.
Loosing time may result in repeating the tragedy of Libya. This must not be admitted!