Solidarity with Slovak communists

On 1 September, 2011 new amendments to the criminal code of the Slovak Republic come into force. These amendments which contain provisions for prosecution and prison sentences ranging from 6 months to 3 years for anyone who denies, applauds or tries to justify the so-called “crimes of the regime which was based on the communist ideology.”
What cynicism have the parliamentarians, who approved these amendments, come up to! They forgot or don’t want to remember who liberated Slovakia from fascism. They betrayed the memory of the Slovak patriots who perished during the Slovak uprising. The adopted amendments mean that those who would like to pay tribute to their memory and to lay flowers to the monuments of the Soviet soldiers in Bratislava can be subjected to persecution and even be arrested.
We strongly protest against cave anticommunism of Slovak parliamentarians!
Presidium of CC CPRF
The text of the Statement of Presidium of CC CPRF was sent to the Slovak Embassy in Moscow and was published in the “Pravda” newspaper.