CPRF opposes the falsification of history

Statement by the Presidium of the CPRF Central Committee “The falsification of the Soviet history must be stopped!” 
2010-10-19 16:14:19
Press Service of the CPRF Central Committee
The falsification of the Soviet history must be stopped!Falsification of the Soviet period history has become one of the main instruments of ideological warfare, being waged constantly against the peoples of Russia by unfriendly foreign and internal forces. Already quite frankly attempts have been undertaken to revise the results of the Second World War and the Soviet Union’s role in the victory over Nazi Germany and its satellites. The country that made major contribution to the salvation of humanity from the brown plague, is being hardly trying to be put in the same league as the aggressor. Persistently are being equated communism and fascism, the activities of Stalin and Hitler.
To the implement unseemly purposes the throw-in to the archives of Russia a large number of counterfeit and forged documents, distorting the role of the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin in the history of the twentieth century are used. Such documents are triggered off in the scientific circulation, are used in the teaching materials, are artistic and documentary works are created on their basis. The most serious efforts have been made to transform the Russian archives from the “storage of history” into the tools of ideological struggle. At the same time the most valuable historical documents have been exposed to stripping and outright sale.
Using promiscuity and permissiveness of Yeltsin’s rule people close to the first Russian president took out of the country and squandered thousands of important archival materials, including the ones of “classified”, “top secret” and “special importance”. Such barbarity has no analogues in the modern domestic and foreign history. These anti-Russian actions of the country new-sprung “elite” caused huge damage to the credibility of the national archival service, discredited the authenticity of documents held in repositories.
Among of the main targets of attacks and fraud are the events that preceded World War II and the Great Patriotic War. At one of the first places is the so-called “Katyn case” on the shooting in the autumn of 1941 of Polish officers near Smolensk. The case has become one of the main themes of the anti-Soviet, and now anti-Russian propaganda and is actively used against our country by the most aggressive and hostile communities, including the current rulers of Poland.
“Katyn case” has become one of the greatest political myths of the twentieth century. The culprits in it increasingly serve Russians while Poles appear as “victims of the totalitarian regime”, receiving compassion and unconditional moral and political support from the U.S., Western Europe and now Eastern European states.
An important argument guarded by Polish authorities of Goebbels’s version regarding the execution of the Poles by the NKVD of the USSR is the so-called “troika” of the documents suddenly discovered in the autumn of 1992. The main one among them is “Beria’s note” to J.V. Stalin of March 1940, in which he allegedly offered to shoot 27,000 Polish officers. However both the contents of the “note” and the circumstances of its occurrence cause legitimate doubts about its authenticity. Similar situation with two other “evidentiary” documents: the extract from the decision of the Politburo on March 5, 1940, and the note of the KGB chairman Shelepin addressed to Khrushchev of 1959. Both documents are full meaning and spelling errors, as well as errors in the design, inappropriate for this level of documentation. There is enough evidence to suggest that they were made in early 1990 on the initiative of Yeltsin’s team.
There are irrefutable documented facts and evidence, as well as direct material evidence pointing that the execution of Polish officers was carried out not by the NKVD in spring 1940 but by the German occupation authorities in the autumn of 1941, after the capture of Smolensk region by the Wehrmacht. However, these facts are deliberately ignored and openly silenced by the Russian presidential and governmental structures.
Eventually many of the historical myths and fabrications have been exposed and refuted. Among these are the legends of the German spy V.I. Lenin, the Tsarist secret police agent J.V. Stalin, the collusion between the Soviet NKVD and the German Gestapo. Despite this the attempts of falsification and distortion of national history are still in progress.
We state with regret that the establishment in 2009 of the Presidential Commission for counterstand the falsification of history harming Russia’s interests has failed to improve the situation. Intensity of forgers’ activity has not decreased.
The CPRF intends to keep on opposing the attempts to distort historical truth. To this end, we are going on using historians’ honest research, materials published in the party press, opportunities of the parliamentary rostrum, and the propaganda work among the population.
Presidium of the CPRF Central Committee considers it necessary to take up with the Russian president the need for general comprehensive checkout of archival documents. We insist on the President’s instruction to the Attorney General of the Russian Federation and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to conduct a thorough fact-finding of documents’ falsification related to the shooting of Polish officers.
Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee
G.A. Zyuganov.
October 19, 2010.