The CPRF sends fraternal greetings to the CPA

To the Communist Party of Australia
Dear Comrades,
On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russian Federation we warmly welcome you, members of the Communist Party of Australia! Dear friends please accept our fraternal greetings on the occasion of your Party 90th Anniversary.
It is glorious date for the Party, having great traditions and leaders to be proud of.  And among them – Comrade Peter Simon, the outstanding figure of the international communist movement, who headed your party for many years. Nowadays your Party confronts not easy time: you are defining the strategy and tactics of the party for the coming years, looking for ways to consolidate the communists around the newly elected collective governing body of the party.
We are well aware of the Australian Communists’ struggle for workers’ rights, for genuine democracy. We believe that only solidarity and mutual support of the communists will be able to protect workers who are the main victims of today’s global financial and economic crisis.
The CPRF highly values the relations of friendship and solidarity between our parties. Australian Communists have just cause to be proud of the Party history, struggles and achievements of the communist movement in Australia over the last 90 years, and we are confident that the celebration of the Party anniversary will contribute to further strengthening the party ranks and raising the party prestige in the society.
We wish all Australian Communists every success in their activities and the implementation of the outlined plans.
With fraternal greetings,
Presidium of the CPRF Central Committee
Moscow, October 25, 2010