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We must fight and win!
The Presidium of the CPRF CC Statement on the results of the voting day October 10, 2010.
2010-10-18 13:35
the CPRF CC press service
Nearly 30mln citizens of the Russian Federation were given an opportunity to express their will on October 10, the unified voting day. During these elections the CPRF managed to broaden its influence among electorate, to strengthen its position as a political force strongly opposing the “United Russia” and to broadly propagate its documents: The anti-crisis programme of the party, CPRF CC address to the citizens of Russia “Russia’s way – forwards, to socialism!”
On the other hand the October 10, 2010 elections yet again confirmed the strive of the present day ruling group to preserve power at all costs using among others a tougher control of the pre-election campaign and gross falsification of the election results. Elections in Russia turn more and more into an expensive farce.
On the day of the election violations of law en masse took place again. Election commissions being under actual control of the present power feel no longer shy, knowing fairly well that the so-called “election vertical” dominated by the representatives of the “United Russia” will decline any complaints and will find any election results “lawful”.
CPRF refuses to recognize the election results in the city of Krasnodar, Chapaevsk  town in Samara region and in the Tyva republic due to rude and cynical violations of the principles of fare and free elections.
Harsh administrative pressure, mass manipulations and frame up in the election process proves the fact that the ruling grouping admits its fast drop in popularity. The “United Russia” is more and more perceived in the society as a colorless cover for an alliance between oligarchy and bureaucracy hated by ordinary people. The legitimacy of the present power becomes more and more doubtful.
This is confirmed by a quick drop of people voting for the “United Russia”. For example in 2007 in Kostroma region 201 thousand people voted for the “UR” and now 104 thousand only. In 2007 in Magadan region 42 thousand people voted for the “UR”, now 23 thousand only. In Novosibirsk region there were 726 thousand people who voted for the “UR”, now there are only 336 thousand. In Chelyabinsk region there were 1mln 130 thousand voters for the “UR”, now there are only 693 thousand of those who voted for them.
Active offensive stance of the party in presenting our programme and efficient struggle with the violations of law contributed to the strengthening of CPRF positions. In Novosibirsk region in 2007 we had a 16.2% support, now more than 25%. Communists of Novosibirsk despite the anticommunist dirt pounced upon the residents of the region, still managed to win in 6 single member constituencies as well. In Kostroma region in 2007 at the elections to the State Duma we had 13% support, Now we have a 19.6% support. In Magadan region we had 11.68%, now we have 16%. In Belgorod region we had 15.6%, now we have 17.7%.
There is a firm tendency which has been confirmed again: the CPRF has better results where there is a younger, more active and more educated electorate. In Novosibirsk the CPRF gained nearly 30%, in Belgorod 27%. In the town of Angarsk in Irkutsk region the deputies from the CPRF gained 12 seats out of 15 in the city Assembly. A similar picture is seen in the town of Dalnegorsk of the Primorjie region. And the “United Russia” takes votes in small towns and villages where people are under tough pressure of local administrations.
The CPRF CC Chairman
Gennady Zyuganov