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The floral tribute at the Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin

he floral tribute at the Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin 01.2015On the day of the 91st anniversary of the death of the leader of the October Revolution the Central Committee of the Communist Party organized laying flowers to the Lenin Mausoleum. The ceremony was attended by leaders of the Communist Party, the State Duma and regional parliaments, the Communists of the Moscow City and Moscow regional offices, representatives of public organizations.  Continue reading

Russia – In Conmemoration of Lenin, january 21, 2014

In Conmemoration of Lenin 21.01.2014

In Conmemoration of Lenin 21.01.2014

Dear Comrades,

As you remember, the XV International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ parties approved the proposal to include the date of January 21, 2014 into the Plan of actions. 90 years ago Vladimir Lenin passed away.

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CP of the Russian Federation, Interview with G. Zyuganov, Chairman of the CC CPRF

10 reasons for government resignation

Russia - 2013: 10 reasons for government resignation

The Communist party of the Russian Federation steps up with its call for resignation of the ruling government. Despite being approved by President Putin in May 2012, the cabinet of ministers hangs on the long-established policy dating back more than 10 years ago. Earlier the Chairman of the Government D. Medvedev held position of the First vice-chairman of the government and served a 4-year presidential term. He and his cabinet, therefore, are fully responsible for the current social and economic policy and its consequences.

We suppose that the government has led the country to the edge of systematic turmoil. Its policy swiftly worsens… Not a single industrial or agricultural reform has led to positive results. Continue reading


On May 19, 2013 on Red Square in Moscow 4700 children from 45 cities joined the Leninist Pioneer Organization.
Congratulations to the young pioneers!

Cogratulations for President-elect Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas_Maduro-Venezuela-Victoria-Abr.2013-ZIUTo the President of the Bolivarian
Republic of Venezuela
Nicolas Maduro

Dear Comrade President!

The Venezuelan people have made their choice. You, the faithful ally of Hugo Chavez, have been elected President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Your victory is encouraging citizens of your country and ensuring that the building of social housing, clinics and schools will be continued, that there will be free education and Venezuela will continue independent domestic and foreign policy.
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