To the Fraternal Parties

To the Fraternal Parties Dear comrades, We would be highly appreciative if you exhibit solidarity with the CPRF by providing information support our appeal to the leading Russian TV channels (following ) on the grounds that the broad strata of the Russian population must know the electoral intentions of the leading opposition party in the …

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Joint Statement On Anti-communist Measures in Kazakhstan and Georgia

Statement of Communist and Workers’ parties “Anticommunism won’t pass!” On the post-Soviet Union area the anticommunist hysteria is in full swing again. On the eve of the anniversary of the Soviet power execution in Moscow in 1993 a court in Kazakhstan has suspended the activity of the Communist Party.

Statement on Libya

NATO is a source of state terrorism Statement by the CC CPRF Chairman Gennady Zyuganov NATO member countries have recently decided to extend the “ peace-making operation” in Libya for another 3 months. And on 4 October the US Defence minister Leon Panetta said that the NATO “air mission” would be over only after the …

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Information about XIV CPRF Congress

Information about XIV CPRF Congress (September 24, 2011, Moscow) Dear comrades, We would like to inform you about the XIV CPRF Congress which was held on September 24, 2011 in Moscow. The main item on the agenda was related to the forthcoming parliamentary elections which will take place on December 4, 2011.

Solidarity with Slovak communists

STOP ANTICOMMUNISM IN SLOVAKIA! On 1 September, 2011 new amendments to the criminal code of the Slovak Republic come into force. These amendments which contain provisions for prosecution and prison sentences ranging from 6 months to 3 years for anyone who denies, applauds or tries to justify the so-called “crimes of the regime which was based …

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Condolecences over the death of Mirjam Vire-Tuominen

A letter of condolences Over the death of Mirjam Vire-Tuominen Dear friends, With deep sorrow in our hearts we received the sad news about the death of the prominent public figure of Finland Mirjam Vire-Tuominen. An ardent fighter for peace, an active participant of the international women’s movement, General Secretary of the Women’s International Democratic …

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