Ivan Melnikov (The CPRF) speaks about situation in Moldova

The CPRF Central Committee press service
Ivan Melnikov on the emergency around
Ex-President of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin
Last week the political situation in Moldova blew up. Parliament President Mihai Ghimpu, acting president, read a “Message of the General Prosecutor’s Office”, which set forth a petition to detain the third President of Moldova, the President of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova, and a deputy of the national parliament Vladimir Voronin,. It is invited to deprive him of his parliamentary immunity for the detention, arrest and transfer to the court of criminal proceedings. The events of April 7, 2009 are presented as formal basis, when Voronin allegedly “demanded the services of mobile phone to interrupt their operations, and this led to unrest”, as well as to the subsequent detention of the participants in these riots. Prime Minister Vladimir Filat also supported this appeal. At the mass-media request first deputy chairman of the CPRF Central Committee, Vice-Chairman of the RF FA State Duma Ivan Melnikov reacted to the Moldovan news:
“Clearly, the actions taken by the ruling in Moldova Alliance for European integration are in the nature of political repression. Parties, which on every side adorn themselves with liberal epithets, use police methods of punishment against the most popular man in the Republic, thanks to whose smart policies that Republic has been consistently and vigorously developing for many years.
The legal side of the case does not rely on real events. There is evidence that permission to hold mass protests on April 7 have been given, and everything else is the rule of law against the backdrop of the blasphemous, vandal and looting behavior that allowed themselves the so-called “oppositionists” in relation to their own country, including its public institutions and symbols.
In my opinion, the current actions of the Moldovan pro-Western forces poorly masquerade the shock a of the recent referendum’s failure on the way of the presidential elections in the country. Citizens of the Republic, having already tasted the policy of the Alliance, in fact, refused to trust Mihai Ghimpu, as well as indirectly indicated their desire to revise the alignment of forces in the parliament of Moldova. It is obvious that during new parliamentary elections, the Communists will improve their position.
All the recent events show that the authorities in Moldova are timeservers with trembling hands, and their provocative actions are multiplying day by day. Among them is the claim that the Victory in World War II is not the victory of Moldova with the simultaneous refusal to participate in Moscow celebrations. They have disgraced the Republic in front of the whole world, and citizens of the Republic won’t forgive them. Herein as well is the declaration of the Soviet occupation day, which the Constitutional Court of Moldova has found unlawful. Herein also is deliberate policy to destroy relations with Russia, which brings not only the political damage to Moldova, but economically negative impact on every its citizen as well. Of course, herein is the attempt to impose the Romanian language, which essentially leads to the idea that Moldova is under external control.
All parties, members of the Alliance, realize that the bottom is falling out, that any comparison with the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova is clearly in favor of the latter. That’s why they’re trying to hit the leader – Vladimir Voronin.
The Russian Communists are planning in the most nearest future to discuss seriously the situation. We will do our best to make the whole workers’ and left movement of the world, as well as European institutions react to the police activities of the present Moldovan authorities. We have both such opportunities and a lot of arguments to make the international community be united in the assessment of the events. To protect Voronin is not just to protect former President of Moldova and the leader of the Communists. It is the protection of the future of every citizen of the Republic”.