Solidarity Statement with Venezuela (The Working Group meeting of the IMCWP)

International-Meeting-of-Communist-and-Workers'-Parties-Pellizza-da-Volpedo,-Il-Quarto-StatoWe representatives of Communist and Workers’ Parties, gathered in Beirut, Lebanon, for the Working Group meeting of the IMCWP, express our deep concern and rejection of the US-instigated counter–revolutionary actions in Venezuela.

It is quite clear that the imperialist interests, through national reactionary forces are trying to defeat the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, despite the numerous electoral defeats they have suffered.

We express our strong support of solidarity to the people of Venezuela, its working class, the Communist Party of Venezuela, the Bolivarian Venezuelan government, and the popular forces.

Workers’ Party of Belgium

Communist party of Brazil

Communist party of Cuba

AKEL, Cyprus

Communist party of Ecuador

Communist Party of Greece

Lebanese Communist party

Palestinian communist party

Portuguese Communist party

Communist party of the Russian Federation

Communist Workers` party of Russia

South African Communist party

Syrian communist party

Syrian communist party (unified)

Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia

Communist party of Turkey

Communist party of Ukraine