EU provokes increased bloodletting in Syria!

Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Russian Federation

On May 28, 2013 the European Union foreign ministers were unable to extend the arms embargo on the forces fighting against the legitimate government of Syria. It was decided to return to this issue up to August 1. In fact, now each of the EU member states will take the decision on military supplies to anti-government groups itself. At the same time, economic sanctions against Damascus were extended for at least yet another year.

This EU action is against international law, including the principle of non-interference, especially the military, in the internal affairs of states. The European Union in the late 90s adopted Code of Conduct on Arms Exports, in which the supply of arms to non-state actors is prohibited. Lifting of the ban violates also the international Arms trade treaty, which will be open for signature on June 3, stipulating the supply of arms only to governments. Thus, the EU states, as maintaining diplomatic relations with Damascus, which means recognizing the legitimacy of the Government of Syria, are openly engaged in attempts to overthrow this government.

This decision was preceded by a burst of hypocritical indignation in the Western media about the intention of Russia to supply Syria with defensive weapons systems. One could also assume that the case is moving to lift the embargo and by how the theme of chemical weapons was to spin again recently allegedly used by government forces against “rebels.” After the fiasco of Western intelligence agencies in Iraq where weapons of mass destruction have not been found, intelligence organizations of the NATO countries are not at risk to take on such statements. Therefore, reports of some journalists are in use. Needless to say, most reliable source for making such important decisions!

Duplicity and selectivity of the West is astonishing. It pays lip service to democracy, law obedience and human rights. The countries calling themselves “friends of Syria” demand that Bashar Assad should step down as the key prerequisite for stopping violence in the country. But why should foreign powers usurp the right to decide instead of the Syrian people, who is to lead the country?

It is also remarkable that the Western countries that allegedly fight with all their strength against international terrorism side with apparently terrorist organizations such as “Al-Qaeda” and “Jabhat al-Nusra”.  This supports our deep belief that the so-called insurgents are in fact the auxiliary armed forces of NATO member states and their allies.

The real reason why the  Western countries have taken such a decision is in our opinion the fact that their auxiliary forces or rather the gangs comprised of terrorist rubbish are evidently being defeated. The government forces smash terrorist groups one by one with morale of the mercenaries dropping rapidly.

Meanwhile the Western countries realize that their armaments given to the” insurgents” may turn out to be in the hands of the most radical anti-western groups with the respective consequences for the security which the NATO-members care for so vigorously.

The decision taken by the EU is in no way a step towards establishing peace but towards making bloodshed even worse. At the same time it is an act which is aimed at torpedoing the Conference on peace initiated by Russia and the USA.

It is clear that the EU could hardly take such a decision without the consultations with Washington. It didn’t take it long to express its approval of extending arms embargo soon after. So America with one hand suggests peaceful initiatives and by the other – supports the attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria.

The CPRF strongly condemns any actions taken by the West worsening the bloodshed and which may result in overthrowing the legitimate government of Syria – a UN member state.

Syria is actually the only ally of Russia in the Middle East. In this situation Russia must keep on and enlarge its political, diplomatic, military and any other kind of support to Syria. In accordance with the Agreement on friendship and cooperation between the USSR and the Syrian Arab Republic signed on October 8, 1980 which is valid so far our country has the full right to take all the necessary measures to protect the integrity and sovereignty of its ally.

Protecting Syria means protecting Russia on the distant approaches to our borders. We must base on this geopolitical reality.

Chairman of the CC CPRF
Gennady Zyuganov