Joint Statement against the ban of the CP of Kazakhstan


The authorities in Kazakhstan are again demonstrating their anti-democratic and anti-communist character. They incubate the plans to ban the Communist party of Kazakhstan. First the party’s activity was suspended under a contrived pretext. It was done to prevent it from participating in the parliamentary elections. Now just because the party didn’t participate in the elections it is under the threat of being banned. Communist and Workers’ parties resolutely protest against persecutions of the Communist party of Kazakhstan and demand that its banning should be prevented.

We express our solidarity and support of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan!

Communist party of the Russian Federation
Communist party of Ukraine
Communist party of Belarus
Communist party of Armenia
Communist party of Azerbaijan
United Communist party of Georgia
Party of Communists of Republic of Moldova
Transdniestrian Communist Party
Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan
Communist party of Abkhazia
Communist party of South Ossetia
Communist party of Estonia
Communist party of Latvia
Communist party of Lithuania

Also the parties,

PADS, Algeria
WP of Belgium
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CP of Brazil
CP of Britain
NCP of Britain
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CP of Greece
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Tudeh Party of Iran
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