GA Zyuganov: Our program has defined the agenda of this election!

Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Presidential elections in the Russian Federation were completed. We decided to participate in the elections knowing full well that they would not be free and fair. Our main objective was to present to the public our program of the country rehabilitation, to offer a new route and composition of the Government of national confidence.
The election campaign gave the opportunity to collectively assess all “hot spots” of our live and find ways to treat them. Unfortunately, the dialogue did not work. We cannot recognize the elections as legitimate; neither do we consider them as democratic and fair ones. The ruling team escaped meaningful discussion of the challenges, neither had the heart for the programs’ open competition. Despite the overwhelming superiority in the information field Mr. Putin withdrew from the participation in the debates, disappeared behind the verbosity of his “policy papers”, stuffed with good intentions. From the general discussion of sensitive issues the rulers were hiding behind the pro-government rally participants. The people underwent monstrous brainwashing. People were intimidated by the threat of unspeakable evil in the case of an opposition candidate victory.

The elections have just been stolen from Russia. Knocking out the desired result the vertical of power threw into the battle the whole arsenal of fraud and manipulation. The officials were instructed on the voting “outcome” targets. “Law enforcement officials” turned a blind eye to the violations imposed. They did not suppress the issuing of anonymous newspapers like “Lord forbid!” ones. Complaints addressed to the law enforcement agencies were being rejected under various pretexts. The electoral commission compositions remained unchanged. CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov was kept at place. The CPRF Bills on the electoral system “repair” were not accepted by the State Duma. Instead of fair elections a campaign of web cameras installing was proposed to the citizens. On the Election Day the apotheosis of cynicism revealed itself in the removal from the polling places not only of the CPRF observers, but in some regions, of election commissions’ members with decisive vote.

The reasons of what is happening are clear. Most people do not accept the socio-economic and political course. The authorities know this, and thus did all the best to prevent the people’s voice to brake through the fence of election manipulation.

The official election results do not reflect the real sentiments and will of the masses. An enormous system of election fraud has been created in Russia, which includes hundreds of thousands of election commissions’ members. Just add to this the staff of local and regional administrations, heads of enterprises and public institutions involved in the pressure on the voters, and it becomes a comprehensive system of fraud, in which, willingly or unwillingly millions of people are involved. People were literally twisted arms, being demanded to vote for Putin under the threat of layoffs, reduced salaries, reprisals against relatives and other punishments. So, “the Churrov’s victory” of the ruling regime was achieved.

Yet during the last election Russia has changed deeply. The CPRF and our allies have suggested the public the agenda, which made the center of the election campaign, raised the major challenges of our reality. We called for the nationalization of natural resources, state control over the financial system, a new social policy, for the transition to a progressive income tax. On all of these and other issues we have been broadly seconded by the citizens.

Our ideas and suggestions are now the common property of the society. The new policy corns have been planted. These seeds of creation, justice and progress will certainly sprout. This is the major result of our campaign activities.

The final results of the election campaign are still being summed up. However, the people’s request is clear: Russia calls for a change! The task of the citizens is to make the power either respond to the needs of society, or give way at the state helm to those, who are ready for hard and creative work. The activity of the population has already shown: it is possible and necessary to increase the pressure on the authorities.

The working people of Russia, its veterans and youth better understand their own interests. Based on the popular majority, the CPRF and its allies will do their best to wrest the country out of the criminal and mafia-like bonds. In these efforts we sincerely look forward to the support of our followers, and express our deep gratitude to all who made on March 4 their choice in favor of the new Russia. We are extremely grateful to the tens of thousands of observers and the members of election commissions, who sought to return fair elections to the country.

Without respite we will continue to fight for a change of social and economic policy. To bring these changes we seek the return to citizens a real right to a referendum. We’ll initiate tougher penalties for election fraud and will continue to insist on the equality of parties in the formation of election commissions. The CPRF will carry its program demands through elections to the bodies and local authorities at all levels. The left-patriotic forces will raise the masses to defend jointly their rights and interests.

Today Russia faces even more acute historical dilemma: either the path to a dead end of the colonial decline and extinction, or path of creative work, friendship of the peoples and social justice. For the CPRF the choice of the most citizens is obvious. The Russian people want to see its country strong and prosperous. There are fewer of those who doubt the inevitability of change. People’s majority yens the change, and thievish minority is afraid and tries to prevent it.

I am convinced that increasing efforts we are able to change our lives for the better!