20 years without the Soviet Union

August 19, 2011 will see the 20-th anniversary of the events related to the attempts of the representatives of the Soviet leadership to rescue the USSR. The stepping up of anti-Soviet forces headed by Yelzin and the treacherous role played by Gorbachev resulted in banning the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and  the Communist Party of the Russian Federation as well as in weakening the role of the central governing bodies of the Soviet Union, which together with other factors created the conditions for the criminal  plot  to dismantle the Soviet Union.

On  August 19, 2011 in the city of Donetsk (Ukraine) there will be held an international event “20 years without the Soviet Union” organized by the Communist parties of  Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and other parties of the former Soviet Union. The main slogan of the meeting is “The Restored Union – is a way to rescuing the fraternal peoples”. A two-day programme includes meetings with the leaders of the parties, visits to the memorials and monuments and a mass rally with a concert.
The aim of this international event in Ukraine is to become a part of joint work of fraternal parties towards the reunion of our peoples.