CPRF Statement on Libya

Libya is yet another victim of imperialism
It’s a fourth month already that the “peace-making” NATO operation against Libya has been going on. As it was shown by most distressing experience of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, NATO humanitarian missions follow the same scenario: first there appear high-flown statements about protecting democracy and human rights then comes aggression against a sovereign state, accompanied by destruction and deaths of peaceful people. The final aim of such “peace-making” has always been “changing regime” which implies toppling the legitimate government, the way the West sees it.
It is this chain of evil-doings that the NATO member-states perform in Libya under the pretext of protecting its citizens from alleged Gaddafi’s tyranny. As a matter of fact in terms of the level of social support of the population Libya leaves behind many Western “cressets of democracy”-countries.
It is well-known today that mass disturbances which began in Libya at the beginning of February were in many ways instigated by foreign forces. The intention of the Libyan government to enforce order in the country was portrayed by Western mass media, for long hostile to the Libyan leader, as the massacre of peaceful population.
There hasn’t been any investigation into the real events despite the appeals of the Libyan leadership to the UN Security Council. The UN Security Council Resolution 1973 on introducing a no-fly zone for the protection of the peaceful population was adopted under the pressure of old foes of Libya – the former colonial empires who during the anti-monarchist revolution headed by Muammar Kaddafi  were deprived of an opportunity to rob natural resources of this country.
It is quite evident now that the so-called rebels are in fact mainly foreign workers working for the numerous Western oil-companies, often linked with terrorist networks, armed and financed by former colonial powers and acting in their interests.
What is striking about it is that NATO in Libya is actively cooperating with the international terrorists with whom it is allegedly fiercely fighting in the whole world. The “rebels” are actually NATO’s auxiliary forces, sort of a private army of the West.
However they turned out not to be able to resist the army of Libya. That is why NATO has to take more upon itself in terms of the warfare and to less camouflage its real aim – elimination of Muammar Gaddafi and the political system that he has created providing the true sovereignty of Libya and the well-being of its citizens.
Long ago the veil of “ensuring a no-fly zone” was thrown away. Air-strikes are being carried out on civil and military targets on the ground. NATO member-countries proudly admit that their reconnaissance and subversion groups have long been acting in Libya. In other words, the ground campaign which was not been authorized by the UN Security Council is in full swing.
In the course of NATO air raids hundreds of peaceful citizens have already been killed including women, children and elderly people. Residential districts of Tripoli are being subjected to barbarous bombings. Under the guise of peace-making war crimes are being committed. Continuation the predatory policy of the West in Libya may result in elimination of the social and economic infrastructure of the country, in build up of chaos, starvation, lack of medicine for hundreds of thousands of Libyans and split of the country.
Unfortunately the RF leaders from the beginning held the position enabling NATO to start the aggression. The statements of some of the political leaders about the alleged illegitimacy of the Libyan leaders in no way contribute to building trust to our country. It reduces sharply the possibilities of mediation mission of our country.
Along with this the credit of trust of the Libyan people to Russia still remains. We must use our long-standing friendly relations between our peoples not in the interests of questionable partnership with the USA and its allies, but in the strategic interests of Russia in the Middle East and in the Islamic world with the purpose of restoring peace in Libya.
CPRF condemns resolutely the imperialist aggression and demands putting an end to the punishment of the people of Libya. The only way out of the present-day tragic situation is to put an end to the NATO intervention in Libya as well as to halt the financial and political support of the mercenaries, fighting against the legitimate government of the country.
It is necessary to accept the proposals of the South African President J.Zuma put forward on behalf of the African Union on peaceful settlement in Libya.
NATO banditry in Libya must be immediately stopped!
Chairman of CC CPRF
Gennady Zyuganov
June 8, 2011