The CPRF Сall “Communists, go ahead!”

The 65th anniversary of our Victory in the Great Patriotic War is not just an outstanding date, a remarkable anniversary. This is the historic feat of the socialist state – the USSR. The feat of Soviet people educated and united by the Communist Party. The people, for whom the notion of “Soviet” has merged with the notion of “Homeland” close and dear to the peoples inhabiting the Soviet Union. The peoples, who gave the front and labor rear all their forces, their best sons and daughters. The peoples those were ready to lay down their lives for the socialist ideals and the system, which first appeared in history in October 1917. The system that gave the world unprecedented example of a just and humane state structure. 
At the fiercest battles of the world the Soviet system won a complete victory over fascism, which subordinated and threw against the USSR a huge potential of almost the whole of Europe and much of Asia.The Soviet order has provided our country an unprecedented leap forward. Made it possible within a decade to overcome the same path of development, which took the leading capitalist countries a hundred years. The Soviet government placed once agrarian Russia among the world’s superpowers. It gave the country both peaceful atom and nuclear defense shield, turned it into a space power.
“Never one could conquer the people, Lenin wrote, of the country, where the workers and peasants have come to know, feel and see that they are defending their Soviet power – the power of the workers…”
The war became a battle for dear life. It was not only the battle between states and opposing ideologies, but it was the decisive battle for the future of human civilization. The Communists fought the loftiest ideals of humanism, the idea of justice. Fascism sow death and destruction, carrying to humanity black mystique of racial superiority and hatred towards all who do not fit into its canons. The future of the Earth – that’s the main problem that was solved at Moscow and Stalingrad, in the Orel-Kursk Bulge and at the battle for Berlin. In this great battle the Soviet Union secured not only military and economic victory, but ideological, political and moral one as well. Mankind will never forget about it.
The war became the feat of responsibility and decisiveness for the Communists. Already in the first year of the war 40% of all Communists – one million three hundred forty four thousand men – went to the front. Almost half of which passed away in the first months of heavy fighting. In the folk memory will never die the fact that during the war years in the guerrilla movement was involved about 2 million Soviet people, united in hundreds of clandestine regional, area, city and other party organizations. When the war came to Germany nothing like such resistance fascism, with its “Werewolf” could organize. The people will never forget that at the front and rear fought and worked for the victory 10 millionth army oа young communists.
The war showed an unprecedented example of selflessness and sacrifice of party members, all Soviet people. The ranks of the Communists, fighting with the enemy, steadily waxed in size and strength. If at the beginning of war every hundred fighters with the Nazis included 13 Communists, at its end their number more than doubled. The mass heroism is testified by the fact that among the 11,575 heroes of the Soviet Union 8182 were Russians, 2072 – Ukrainians, 311 – Byelorussians, 161-Tartars, 108 – Jews, 96 – Kazakhs, 91 – Georgians, 90 – Armenians, as well as hundreds of representatives of many, many peoples of the Union. Over 70% of them went into battle with the party tickets by their hearts. The friendship of Soviet peoples broke the neck of “supermen’s” racial arrogance.
The war confirmed the primacy of the Soviet system in organizational sphere. The call “Everything for the front! Everything for the victory!” became the essence of life for the Soviet people, for every communist.Behind the Volga and the Urals within the shortest time the second industrial base of the country was created. It included 2,600 evacuees, as well as thousands of new enterprises. That provided not only the compensation of the losses incurred during the fascist invasion, which had taken nearly a third of the national wealth, but also made it possible to surpass the aggressor. The Soviet Union produced tanks and assault guns, fighter planes, guns and other weapons two times more than Germany. Industrial battle between the two social systems was unequivocally won by the Soviets.
In the end, standing against more than two-thirds of Germany’s armed forces, the Red Army defeated 507 German divisions and one hundred divisions of fascist allies. It made three-quarters of all Nazi losses both in humans and in military equipment.
Enormous role in war played supreme professionalism of brilliant galaxy of Soviet military leaders – generals and marshals: G.K.Zhukov, K.K.Rokossovsky, I.S.Konev, A.M.Vasilevsky, I.D.Chernyakhovsky, V.I.Chuikov and many others.
The victory was secured by the price unprecedented in the history. The immediate losses of our army given military action against imperialist Japan reached 8.7 million. Of those, more than a million officers and soldiers died for the liberation of Europe. Nearly 18 million Soviet civilians died under Nazi bombing and shelling, from starvation, in concentration camps and due to hard labor, as the result of invaders’ punitive actions.
Heroic deeds and sacrifices of the Soviet people actually showed the world’s peoples, who the Communists were. They became the main force of the resistance movement as well. Garibaldi Brigades in Italy, the movement of “maquis” in France, the Army Ludowa in Poland, anti-fascist underground in Greece, Belgium, and Holland – everywhere the core of fighters against the Nazis were communists. Peoples knew it and remembered. Therefore, if in 1939 there were 61 Communist Parties in the world with four million members, by 1947 there were already 76 of them with twenty million members. And the ranks of the Communists in capitalist countries strengthened more than threefold. In many countries the army voters for the Communist Party increased manifold. Communists entered the governments of France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland.
The prestige of the Soviet Union, its Communist Party and its leaders rose to а great height. Even such rabid enemies of communism, as Winston Churchill, stood in awe of Stalin’s personality, who headed the State Committee of Defense. The victory over fascism was the peak of his life feat. The memory of Stalin will live for centuries. These include – the proud name of Stalingrad, which we believe will be restored. 
The most important result of our victory was the formation of the socialist Community of nations, rallied around the Soviet Union. The reached balance of world powers enabled for more than half a century to prevent the outbreak of another world war. Any aggressor knew that his aggressive actions even in the remotest corners of the globe would meet fitting rebuff. A new era in the development of world civilization has come…
This great movement forward could be knocked down only a stab in the back: the betrayal of Gorbachev and his clique – a pack of turncoats, managed with the support of the West to bluff way into the leadership of a number of ruling communist parties. Betrayed and destroyed were the Soviet Union and the Communist Party. Betrayed and destroyed was the socialist Community of countries in Europe. And now attempts are being undertaken to betray the memory of the heroic deeds of our country and our people, who under the leadership of the Communists shielded the world from the fascist plague. The anti-communist and Russophobe mud is gushing from the screens. Leaders of the ruling regime are kowtowing to insolent anti-Russian forces abroad. Swarms of various imps intoxicated by their impunity are grimacing and mocking on the stages.
It seems that the Russian government with one hand emphasizes respect for the memory of our fathers, and with the other mercilessly destroys historical monuments of Victory. Clearly visible is the tendency of the ruling group to use the holy feast within the tactics of sordid motives to “reset” the relations with the West, as well as to further break with the great traditions of our Armed Forces.
This is an unprecedented intention to let the military units of NATO participate in the parade on May 9 in Moscow. As we know, it is this constantly growing aggressive bloc that poses the main potential threat to Russian security. The Cold War has not ended for NATO. Meanwhile the participation of Suvorov military college and Nakhimov navy college in the parade is canceled, although their students were adornment and pride of celebratory parades since 1945.
We strongly condemn the attempts of authorities to force the troops marching trough the Red Square not under the glorious battle flags, but under the operetta “standards” specially created to replace the red banners of units and formations. And as a manifestation of transcendent blasphemy is the Defense Ministry’s decision immediately after the celebration of the Victory Day to liquidate the museum-cabinet of great commander, marshal G.K.Zhukov, located in the building of the Central Command.
All this is happening against quite obvious tendency of arms and equipment procurement in NATO countries and their allies. Following the British rifles, Israeli drones our “commanders” are meditating upon buying the German armor and French helicopter carriers. Russia that supplies military equipment to more than 80 countries around the world is suddenly forced to buy weapons abroad. It’s quite obvious that this is a new step towards the elimination of national defense science and industry, the dependence escalation of our army and navy from NATO.
We are confident that the achievements like the victory in the Great Patriotic War, can neither be destroyed, nor slandered, nor forgotten. With each new generation the image of Victory is being cleared of filth thrown against it. Our victory is becoming a living legend, heroic epic. It brings up the heroes and men of faith who are ready to give their strength and life for a just future for all people.
Our objectives and goals are clear and well articulated in the Party documents. Such as recently promulgated Appeal of the CC CPRF “Path of Russia – forward to socialism!” and “The CPRF Anti-Crisis Program”. We will do everything to make the communists be at the forefront of the new fighters being the first to rise in the attack and to take the blow. Like our fathers and grandfathers – the winners, we say again: “Our cause is just! The Communists, go ahead! Victory will be ours!”
G.A. Zyuganov,
Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee