The CPRF CC Statement against Israeli crime

Moscow, June 1, 2010

Statement by Gennady Zyuganov,

the Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee
The Israeli ruling circles have committed another crime. In the neutral waters the warships of this state attacked a humanitarian convoy carrying civilian goods for residents of the blockaded Gaza Strip. As a result of this action there are considerable human losses.
Common principles of international law have been outraged. Weapons have been used against civilians. These actions can not be named otherwise except as an act of piracy. And for that the perpetrators must be duly punished. Both American administration and the European Union share the responsibility as well. ┬áIt’s time to make Israel comply with international decisions on Palestine; it’s time to stop persuading the Israeli ruling circles to fulfill earlier commitments. State terrorism must be stopped.
The CPRF strongly condemns the new massacre of the Israeli military. We once again express our unwavering solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people. An independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital must be created.