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War crimes of the armed forces and security forces of Ukraine: torture of the Donbass region resident

Crimenes de Guerra en UcraniaPHOTOGRAPHS ON THE COVER

From the top down:

• students holding the EU flag on the EuroMaidan (source: TASS);

• Ukrainian policemen on fire after a Molotov cocktail attack by supporters of the EuroMaidan (source: TASS);

• Maidan self-defense units’ using the symbol of the SS Panzer Division Das Reich Continue reading

Gennady Zyuganov: The crisis in Ukraine and its deep roots

THE CRISIS IN UKRAINE AND ITS DEEP ROOTS [Article in  English -  Español  and  Russian]Zyuganov

Gennady Zyuganov, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF)

Today, war is raging in the vast territories of the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics. For the first time since Ukraine’s liberation from the Nazis 70 years ago, civilian towns and villages are shelled and bombed. The dead and wounded number thousands and the refugees tens of thousands. Entire residential neighbourhoods, orphanages and schools, outpatient clinics and hospitals, power generation and water supply facilities have been destroyed. A number of cities, where hundreds of thousands of people live, are being strangled by the blockade. Continue reading

Statement by the Chairman of the Communist Party Central Committee, G.A. Zyuganov

piotr-simoneneko-pcuWitch Hunt in the Verkhovnaya Rada of Ukraine has become the main purpose of the National Fascists who sized the power. Intoxicated with the blood of their fellow countrymen and political opponents the deputies obedient to the junta are pressing buttons in extremist ecstasy, voting for the most obscurantist laws. Continue reading


Ukraine - Poroshenko

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation expresses its deep indignation at the events in Ukraine. Bandera-fascist junta which seized the power in Kiev goes on with its bloody punitive action against civilians. Security agencies under Kiev’s control subject residential areas, hospitals, schools and kindergartens to artillery attacks and aviation raids in defiance of mass victims among civil population.  These actions have all the indications of open terror and ethnic cleansing. Continue reading