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Solidarity Statement with Ukraine (The Working Group meeting of the IMCWP)

International-Meeting-of-Communist-and-Workers'-Parties-Pellizza-da-Volpedo,-Il-Quarto-StatoGiven that the escalation of the political conflict in Ukraine is the result of the struggle of oligarchic groups for the post of President of Ukraine, which is for the general world and Ukrainian public is given for “the desire of Ukrainians to European values”. 

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Statement of the Council of the Union of the Communist Parties-Сommunist parties of the Soviet Union

SKP-KPCCToday the representatives of the so-called “right sector” and in fact fascists and barbarians, who can hardly be identified as civilized human beings, committed a crime, that gives a clear understanding what kind of forces Ukraine faces in these tragic times nowadays. Subhumans, striving for the interests which are alein to the interests and values of the people, who are reactioners and agent provocateurs, dashed into the Communist Party of Ukraine headquarters in broad daylight. Breaking all the legal and moral standards they crushed and looted tht property of the most mature and wise party, which has the highest authority in the country.  Continue reading

Urgent! The office of the Communist Party of Ukraine has been attacked and damaged

Central-office-of-the-Communist-Party-of-Ukraine-KievThe developments in Ukraine take the most dramatic chatacter. The CPRF International department has got the recent news that in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, an outrageously behaving gang of well-prepared militatnts attacked the head-quarters of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Unknown bandidts attacked the premisies of the CPU, broke the windows and damaged the furniture inside. According to what our comrades told us there are yet no victims among the communists in the building. Continue reading

Los comunistas ucranianos crean milicias populares para luchar contra el fascismo

PC Ukraine

Los comités locales del Partido Comunista de Ucrania (PCU) han creado, en las regiones del este del país, milicias populares para luchar contra los neonazis apoyados por la Union Europea, el conocido como Euromaidan. Después de Odessa, Stakhanov, Simferopol y Dnipropetrovsk, el PCU ha organizado milicias en Louhansk y Zaporizhia. Continue reading


Imperio_USAThe current events in Ukraine are getting more and more alarming and dramatic. In a number of regions well-organized radical groups seize local bodies of power by force. It is not simple-hearted proponents of human rights who set a tone, but overt fascist elements. Fans of Hitler are already at power in the Baltic states. Now they are rushing to power in Ukraine. It has come down to banning the activity of the Communist Party of Ukraine in two regions.

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