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To the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece

Dear comrades!

The CPRF Central Committee expresses its solidarity to the Communist Party of  Greece, its members, allies and all  participants of protest in  commemoration of  the 47th anniversary of the uprising against the military junta  in the Polytechnic University of Athens.

We  have been closely following the situation  related to the hostile attack by the Greek police against the rally organized by the Communist Party of Greece and sharply condemn violent repressions against protesters as well as groundless arrests. Russian communists denounce the repressive policy of the ND – government in Greece that uses the pandemic as a pretext for implementation of anti-workers and anti-people’s measures.

We consider these actions as a desire of the capitalist class to strike a blow at the workers ‘ movement in Greece and the KKE as its vanguard.

Doing this way ND – government  will never avoid its responsibilities for the collapse of Public health system and the lack of necessary measures, leading to thousands of  deaths every day. Instead of terror the government must fulfill its commitments to the people.

CPRF demands an immediate stop of  arbitrary actions undertaken by the authorities. All those arrested must be released immediately. All social commitments must be executed.   NO to political outrage!


                                                                          CPRF CC Presidium 


Fraternal Union between Russia and Byelorussia: Guarantee of Well-Being and Security of Our Peoples

Appeal of the Chairman of the CC CPRF, Head of the CPRF at the State Duma Gennady Zyuganov to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

To: President Putin of the Russian Federation
To: President Lukashenko of the Republic of Belarus

The union of the peoples of Russia and Byelorussia is living through a historic moment. Our centuries-old brotherhood of struggle, victories and joint living is coming under sophisticated attacks from without and from within. The same forces that are wrecking the unity of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine are now carrying out their evil designs in the relations between Russia and Belarus.

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Declaración del Presidium del CC del PCFR

La Administración de Donald Trump viene intensificando aceleradamente la política dirigida contra el desarrollo de la China socialista. Esto tiene lugar en el marco de la profundización de la crisis global, de la propagación de la pandemia de coronavirus y el acercamiento de la fecha de las elecciones presidenciales en Estados Unidos. Se multiplican de una manera frenética las medidas dirigidas a socavar la economía y la estabilidad política de la República Popular China. Los instrumentos de la “fuerza blanda” han resultado ser ineficaces en la lucha contra Pekín. Pero Washington no aceptó el camino de un diálogo amplio y de cooperación. Al contrario, se pone más agresivo en su política anti china.

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Statement by the Presidium of the CC CPRF

The Trump Administration is stepping up its policy of counteracting the development of socialist China. This takes place against the background of the deepening world crisis, the growth of the coronavirus pandemic and approaching Presidential elections in the USA. Measures aimed at undermining the PRC’s economic and political stability are multiplying at a feverish pace. “Soft power” instruments have proved to be signally ineffective in the struggle against Beijing. Yet Washington has not embarked on the path of wide-ranging dialogue and cooperation. On the contrary, it is becoming increasingly aggressive in its China policy.

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Les llamamos de nuevo a respaldar a Pável Grudinin!

¡Queridos camaradas y amigos!

Les llamamos de nuevo a respaldar a Pável Grudinin, dirigente de la empresa popular Granja estatal “Lenin” ubicada en la zona suburbana de la región de Moscú, que es una de las mejores empresas agrícolas, la que llaman también como “isla del socialismo” en medio del mar de la arbitrariedad capitalista y que gracias al sistema socialista de administración pudo crear para sus trabajadores todo un conjunto de garantías sociales incluyendo premios, servicio médico y educación.

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