Attempt to create biological weapons in Ukraine means a direct threat to Europe and all humanity.

Statement by G.A.Zyuganov

During the operation of the Russian Armed Forces on liberation of Ukraine from Nazism, reliable data were obtained on the availability of about thirty American biological laboratories on its territory. Considering the available documents, scientific studies for the benefit of the US Department of Defense were on in progress  down there. Basically, these labs were involved in the development of biological weapons.

For three years I served in the Group of Soviet Troops in Germany as a military intelligence officer and was involved in fighting atomic, chemical and biological weapons. Therefore, I know firsthand about the absolutely inhumane nature of these weapons. After all, even Hitler did not dare to use chemical weapons during the Second World War.

But nowadays as it turns out, the United States breaks down the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Biological and Toxin Weapons of 1972. This is a gross violation of the US international commitments, capable to pose a threat to all mankind.

The development of biological weapons on the territory of Ukraine was kept in absolute secrecy.

Since we are talking about dozens of laboratories scattered throughout the country, including the vicinity of  Russia borders, we can make a confident conclusion  about the development of a genetic weapons against the Slavic nations – Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians. We all should demand an international investigation of this crime.

The world must understand what in the operation in Ukraine Russia is standing in guard of humanity. We are protecting the world from fascism. The nations of our planet must unite to fight back against the brown plague, reviving in Europe  again with another support of the United States. Together we can stop this plague, preventing its dissemination across our planet.

G.A.Zyuganov,  Chairman of the CPRF CC