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On September 2, 2015 to commemorate the end of the World war II communists

Ofrenda-Victoria_2-Guerra_MundialOn September 2, 2015 to commemorate the end of the World War II communists, headed by comrade Gennagy Zyuganov laid flowers to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin wall.
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Gennady Zyuganov, Chairman of the CC CPRF,  «The Banner of the Great Victory»

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The secretary of the communist party of Lviv tortured by the fascists in Ukraine

Rostislav Vasilko 11)  Rostislav Vasilko, the secretary of the Communist Party in Lviv  tortured by the fascists in Ukraine. (en Français) (en Español)

Urgent! The office of the Communist Party of Ukraine has been attacked and damaged

Central-office-of-the-Communist-Party-of-Ukraine-KievThe developments in Ukraine take the most dramatic chatacter. The CPRF International department has got the recent news that in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, an outrageously behaving gang of well-prepared militatnts attacked the head-quarters of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Unknown bandidts attacked the premisies of the CPU, broke the windows and damaged the furniture inside. According to what our comrades told us there are yet no victims among the communists in the building. Continue reading

Los comunistas ucranianos crean milicias populares para luchar contra el fascismo

PC Ukraine

Los comités locales del Partido Comunista de Ucrania (PCU) han creado, en las regiones del este del país, milicias populares para luchar contra los neonazis apoyados por la Union Europea, el conocido como Euromaidan. Después de Odessa, Stakhanov, Simferopol y Dnipropetrovsk, el PCU ha organizado milicias en Louhansk y Zaporizhia. Continue reading

Israeli attack on Syria is the challenge to Russia! The Statement of the CPRF Central Committee

Press service of the CPRF Central Committee 08/05/2013 05:13pmIsraeli Attack - Syria

A few days ago Israel launched air strikes on Syrian territory. These attacks can be assessed only as an act of aggression against a sovereign state. The UN Charter qualifies aggression as the gravest crime against peace.

Such actions were only possible due to the fact that Tel Aviv for decades brazenly violates international law. Continue reading