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Statement of the Presidium of the CPRF Central Committee on QR Codes and Mandatory Vaccination

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to exacerbate the country’s socio-economic crisis. Capitalist Russia was not prepared to fight the new coronavirus infection. It was a direct consequence of the vicious policy of destroying primary health care, closing health care facilities, a chronic shortage of medical personnel, years of cuts in funding for social programs, corruption and commonplace negligence. All these failures have not effectively protected Russia from new threats in the field of health and epidemiological safety.

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Informe del Presidium del CC del PCFR a la Reunión Plenaria del CC del PCFR

1337e5_ssi_4947_novyi-razmerAcerca de los resultados del campaña electoral de 2021 y las tareas del partido para consolidar las posiciones ganadas”
Palabras de I.I. Melnikov, Primer vice-presidente del CC del PCFR
23 de octubre de 2021

¡Estimados camaradas!

Permítanme empezar mi informe con palabras de agradecimiento. A cada comunista, a cada partidario, cada aliado, en general, absolutamente a todos quienes trabajaron y lucharon. Nos unía y nos une la comprensión común de los cambios maduros en intereses del pueblo y el futuro del país.

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Report of the Presidium of the CC CPRF to the 3d Plenum of the CPRF Central Committee

15b1c3_35f2f6_ssi_4940_novyi-razmerOn the Results of the 2021 Election Campaign and the Tasks of the Party in Consolidating Its Gains
Speech by the First Deputy of the CC CPRF Chairman I.I.Melnikov
October 23, 2021

Dear comrades,

Permit me to start my report with words of thanks. Thanks to every communist, every supporter, every ally, in general, to absolutely all those who have worked and struggled. We have been and are united by our shared awareness of overdue changes in the interests of the country’s people and its future.

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104th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Hundred and four years have passed since Russian proletariat and peasantry led by Lenin’s Bolshevik party took power and laid foundations of the first socialist country in the world – the USSR.

October Victory appeared to be the real breakthrough towards socialism, the only authentic fair system in the world. It opened a new era of revolutionary renewal of the world, its transition from capitalism to socialism.

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