104th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Hundred and four years have passed since Russian proletariat and peasantry led by Lenin’s Bolshevik party took power and laid foundations of the first socialist country in the world – the USSR.

October Victory appeared to be the real breakthrough towards socialism, the only authentic fair system in the world. It opened a new era of revolutionary renewal of the world, its transition from capitalism to socialism.

The Soviet experience has vividly demonstrated the basic advantages of socialism for the working people along with the unique system of social guarantees created in the USSR.

Thanks to the October Socialist Revolution and t he Soviet state new generations have grown up being unaware of hunger and poverty, pandemics and unemployment, along with huge social stratification.

The most progressive model of healthcare which was created in the USSR made it possible to cope with such problems as mass epidemics and infectious diseases, the lack of qualified medical personnel and high-quality medicines in the shortest possible time.

Education and health care have become an integral social good, accessible to everyone. A social good, not a service provided depending on the level of income.

The Soviet free education available to all citizens is still recognized as the most fundamental in the world.

The economic system of socialism has also proved its efficiency and superiority over capitalist counterpart. It provided a rapid qualitative transition from semi-feudal relations to industrialization, carried out burdens of the WWII and helped to defeat German Nazism, cultivated the virgin land and brought humanity into space.

Ongoing social transformations in the USSR have resulted in creation of a new historical community named the Soviet people which become an example for all nations fighting for independence.

The Great October has drastically changed the entire planet. It became the banner for these who were building a new society, an inspiring example of struggle against capitalist oppression.

So far, the October Revolution was a source of a powerful impetus to the world revolutionary process in most of the countries. It has launched worldwide national liberation struggle. Inspired with the Soviet example a good deal of countries chose the socialist path of development.

The world colonial system has collapsed.

The October Revolution made it possible to bring to life the great human idea of social justice. It had created a society based on common humanity, friendship and international solidarity. Under the impact of the Soviet Union the whole world became much more humane, democratic and fair.

Collapse of the Soviet Union turned to be a real tragedy for progressive people.

The modern capitalism once again has demonstrated its unhuman nature plunging the world into an ever more acute socio-economic crisis. Living standards of millions of people worldwide have been continuously falling down following non-stop attacks on the most essential rights of proletariat. Aggressive actions of the imperialist forces cause great tension in various regions of the world.

The USA and its allies interfere with internal politics of various states in the world in the crudest manner. Along with that they keep on supporting reactionary neo-fascist and religious extremist groups using them as an arm against progressive governments.

In such uneasy situation communist and workers parties must strengthen the front of resistance to imperialist expansion and oppose interference in the internal affairs of nations as well as to the aggressive NATO policy.

The historic argument between capitalism and socialism has not come to the end with the collapse of the USSR.

Our strength is in our unity!
The cause of the Great October lives on.
Socialism will triumph.

CPRF CC International Department