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URGENT! URGENT! URGENT! Call for Solidarity!!! Llamamiento de Solidaridad!!!

Deputy Vladimir BessonovStatement of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

The Communist party of the Russian Federation expresses its disagreement and protest against the submission into the State Duma a motion for court proceedings against the Deputy Vladimir Bessonov (MP). Continue reading

The floral tribute at the Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin

he floral tribute at the Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin 01.2015On the day of the 91st anniversary of the death of the leader of the October Revolution the Central Committee of the Communist Party organized laying flowers to the Lenin Mausoleum. The ceremony was attended by leaders of the Communist Party, the State Duma and regional parliaments, the Communists of the Moscow City and Moscow regional offices, representatives of public organizations.  Continue reading

To reveal the root causes of the Paris tragedy!

Tragedia Paris 01.2015Statement by the CPRF Central Committee
in [Español and English

Europe is in shock over the terrorist attacks in Paris which claimed 17 lives. This is witnessed by the mass marches in the cities in France and other countries on the continent in which millions of people took part. The CPRF resolutely condemns the violence, especially when its victims are civilians, and expresses its condolences to the families and close ones of the victims.  Continue reading