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Statement on Syria

The situation in Syria is deteriorating. That country is on the receiving end of an information intervention and open interference of the USA and its allies in the internal affairs of Syria. The official representatives of these countries openly call on extremists to take up arms and urge the opposition to renounce any contacts with the authorities. And this despite the fact that President Bashar Asad has not only announced important political reforms, but is consistently implementing them. A new constitution is being drafted, local elections on a new legal basis are to be held shortly and parliamentary elections are due in the beginning of next year.

CPRF CC information

Electoral Association “Political Party the COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION”

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) was created at the 2nd Extraordinary Congress in February 1993. At present it has 13726 primary party cells, 2278 local (regional, city) and 81 regional branches. As of January 1 2011 it had 154244 registered members.

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