Statement on Syria

The situation in Syria is deteriorating. That country is on the receiving end of an information intervention and open interference of the USA and its allies in the internal affairs of Syria. The official representatives of these countries openly call on extremists to take up arms and urge the opposition to renounce any contacts with the authorities. And this despite the fact that President Bashar Asad has not only announced important political reforms, but is consistently implementing them. A new constitution is being drafted, local elections on a new legal basis are to be held shortly and parliamentary elections are due in the beginning of next year.
Constant pressure on Syria and interference in its internal affairs are covered up by hypocritical and cynical pretexts of ensuring human rights and democracy.
The involvement of the Arab League in the anti-Syrian adventure is deplorable. Established to strengthen relations among its members and coordinate the political activities aimed at defending their interests, the League has turned into an instrument of interference in the internal affairs of other states, a vehicle of the aggressive policy of the United States. The League’s Charter calls for respect of the political systems existing in its member countries and renunciation of attempts to change them. All the actions of the monarchies in the countries which have established their leadership of that organization are in fundamental contradiction to the lofty goals proclaimed by the founders of the League. Iraq, Libya and more recently Syria – these are the targets of betrayal of the so-called champions of the unity of Arab countries.
History knows of another League – the League of Nations — which ceased to exist because it betrayed the interests of the peoples.
One of the organizers of subversive activities against Syria is Turkey whose imperial ambitions are awakening. We witness Turkey’s desire to become a regional power and establish dominance over the Arab countries. To achieve these goals its rulers have given shelter on their territory to hard-line opposition, are supplying weapons to bandits, and openly threatening to invade the territory of a neighbouring state.
We resolutely condemn these actions and demand an immediate end to the interference in the internal affairs of Syria. The Syrian people must decide its destiny itself.
We reiterate our solidarity with the people of Syria and express confidence that its people will exhibit wisdom and find the only correct solution and bring peace and tranquility back to the country.
Gennady Zyuganov, Chairman of the CC CPRF
Moscow, November 23, 2011