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Nina Ostanina thanks you

Dear Comrades and Friends!
I am very grateful to all of you for letters of solidarity and support sent to my address.
Your kind and sincere words have touched me greatly, giving me new strength and confirming the rightness of my position. I have received a much-needed support in the daily struggle for justice and workers’ rights.
Your numerous messages from various countries around the world are not just a demonstration of Communists’ solidarity, but also the evidence of unity of progressive forces and people of goodwill.
Together we are real power capable to resist injustices of the authorities.
Thanks again for showing solidarity.
Nina Ostanina,
Deputy of the Russian Federation State Duma,
Secretary of the Kemerovo regional party organization

The CPRF CC Announces The Death of G. Yanaev

The Central Committee of Communist Party of the Russian Federation announces the death of a prominent statesman and party leader, Vice-President of the Soviet Union Gennady Yanayev.
All his life he dedicated to serving the party and the Soviet motherland. For many years he was he was one of the leaders of Soviet youth organizations, was the chairman of the Soviet Trade Unions, a member of the Politburo, a Secretary of the CPCU Central Committee.
In December 1990 he was elected Vice-President of the USSR. He actively resisted the collapse of the Soviet Union; spoke out against the treacherous policy of Mikhail Gorbachev.

The CPRF is asking for your solidarity

She needs your solidarity!
A politician activity in modern Russia, especially the one of opposition, involves not only the constant psychological pressure from the ruling authorities, but sometimes physical impact. The dictatorship of the administrative nomenclature, repressions, and persecutions have become the norm of political life. Courts, prosecutors, police are operating not only in law, but rather at the direction of authorities.